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Rotisserie Counter Balance Weights

Counter Balance Weights
Handle Locked Rotisserie Counter Balance
Slides onto the threaded end of your spit rod, 7 ounces

A rotisserie counterweight for your rotisserie will help the rotisserie to run smoother with an off balance load. These counterbalances are designed to be used on 5/16 spit rods. This will help to even out the cooking as well as prolong the life of your rotisserie motor.

How to use a rotisserie counter weight

rotisserie counterweight

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A counter weight is used on a rotisserie if the load is off-balance (heavy on one side). An off-balance load will cause your rotisserie motor to speed up (when the heavy side is going to the bottom) and slow down (when pulling the heavy side to the top) while turning and cause uneven cooking. You should always attempt to balance your load as best you can before cooking, just attempt to center the food on the spit rod.

To determine if your load is in balance, set the rod in the notches of the grill, but not in the motor. If it is off balance the heavy side should roll to the bottom, rotate the rod a quarter turn and let it go again to double check and repeat. If the meat does not roll all you have a balanced load, if it does you will need to use a counter weight. Leave the rod on the grill when adjusting.

The counter weight we sell slides on the spit rod before the handle and locks into place when the handle is tightened. To adjust your counter weight, start the weight at it's closest point to the rod opposite the heavy side of the load and tighten. In this position this is the lowest setting, turn the rod in quarter turns like in the previous step to see if you still have a heavy side. If the load is still off balance, loosen weight and slide the weight further away from the rod and tighten, check the balance again. Repeat these steps as needed to get the load in balance.

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