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Grill Lights

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Handle Mounted Grill Light LED
10 Super Bright LEDS
Batteries Included!
Price: $19.99 Sale Price: $18.99
Stainless Steel LED Barbecue Light
Stainless Steel
18 Inch Long Neck
Price: $54.99 Sale Price: $31.99
Cordless Clip On Grill Light
Spring Clip Mount
Flexible Neck
Price: $27.99 Sale Price: $21.99

A grill light will help you cook in the dark especially in those winter months when the sun sets early. Some grill lights clamp onto your side table while other mount onto the hood handle of your grill.

The clamp-on type grill lights work well but need to be removed to put your grill cover on. This means they have to be remounted and adjusted almost every time you use your grill. They also take up room on your side table.

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The handle mounted grill lights make much more sense. They mount out of the way on the hoods handle taking up very little room. When you open your grill the light shines on the cooking surface, letting you see what you are cooking and not your side shelf. Typically you can remove the light from the clamp easily, keeping the clamp where you want and out of the way.