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Propane Tank Gauges

20lb Propane Tank Scale with Digital Display
Digital display accurately reads the weight of a 20lb tank
Price: $35.99 Sale Price: $28.99
20lb Propane Tank Scale with Removable Display
Removable digital display.
Price: $39.99 Sale Price: $16.99

A propane tank gauge is a pressure gauge that fits between your propane tank and your supply line of your grill. The needle on the gauge will drop when you are getting low on propane. It will signal low pressure when you have about a half an hours worth of propane left in your tank.

There are many ways to check your propane level; none are more convenient then the Gaswatch inline propane tank gauge. The only thing you will find in the package is the gauge and the instructions.

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The Gaswatch propane gauge will fit onto any type 1 connection (this is standard on 20lb. tanks), it screws onto the tank and the hose screws onto the other end. In the center of the brass pipe has a needle type dial with a 3-color background Red, Yellow and Green. When the needle is in the green, you have plenty of gas, in the yellow you have about 30 minutes of propane left, Red you are about to run out.

At a glance you will know if you are low on propane. This particular propane gauge can also be used as a leak detector, with the gauge on your tank, open the tanks nozzle let the needle settle and close the tank nozzle. This pressurizes the system, now watch the needle, if it begins to slowly drop you have a gas leak. If you grill with propane this is the 3rd tool you must have, right after tongs and a grill brush should be a propane tank gauge.