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Wood Chip Smoker Boxes

Wood Chip Smoker Box V Shaped for Gas Grills Small
Product ID : COG4056
6Lx4.29Wx2D Inches
Wood Chip Soaker by Kingsford
Product ID : OUKGT30
Easy to Drain
Easy to Pour
Product is out of stock
Kingsford Wood Chip Smoker Box Non-stick
Product ID : OUKSA75
Kingsford Logo Lid
Wood Chip Smoker Box V Shaped Stainless Small
Product ID : COG4065
Stainless Steel
6Lx4.29Wx2D Inches
Wood Chip Smoker Box V Shaped for Gas Grills Large
Product ID : COG4057
V Shape fits Between Burners
Wood Chip Smoker Box Stainless Steel
Product ID : OUTQS77
Brushed Stainless
9x4x1.75 inches
Wood Chip Smoker Box V Shaped Stainless Large
Product ID : COG4066
Stainless Steel
16.5 Long 4.1 Wide
Cast Iron Wood Chip Smoker Box
Product ID : OUTQ177
Large 5 x 8 Size
Cast Iron

A smoker box will take your grilling to a whole new level. Just add some wood chips into the smoker box and place on the heat of your gas grill to add real wood fired barbecue flavor to all of your grilled foods.

Smoker boxes are available in many shapes and sizes cast iron is the old stand by while the new V shaped smoker boxes provide more smoke in less time.

When using a smoker box on a grill it is recommended but not necessary to soak wood chips before use. Soaking wood chips allows them to burn slower, if you are cooking a steak (for example) you will not need the extra time that soaking the chips provides.

When using a smoker box for the first time we suggest starting by covering about 1/2 of the bottom with the wood chips of your choice then removing the wood chips and soak them in water (or any liquid) for about an hour. Then spread them around the entire box. If you desire a stronger smoke flavor fill the box 3/4's of the way the next time you use it and so on.