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Just wanted to take a minute to explain how 4thegrill’s food product reviews and endorsements work. Let’s start by saying we really have no rhyme or reason to how we select the food products we review. Sometimes we purchase them with the intention of doing a review and other times we just decide to do it on a whim. If we are grilling it I am usually taking pictures of it anyway so a review is easy to write.

Our endorsements are a different story all together. These are products or brand names that we know and love and will use all the time when we grill around here. Basically, we like and believe in these products and are not paid to do so. Below is a list of products or brand names that if you read our blog you are going to see these all the time.  Links go to their websites and are not affiliate links.


Smithfield Pork

Corky’s Barbecue Sauce

Sweet Baby Ray’s

Stadium Mustard

Some of these are household names and others are not. We have never asked for or been granted permission to use any of their names or products on our site. I am sure that I missed a few names here but you get the idea.

We have never received any type of compensation, monetary or otherwise for any posts outside of the ad’s we run on the pages.


aka Sultan of Sizzle

I have been blogging about and selling grilling tool for over 12 years. A Certified Food Safety Professional, KCBS member, award winning writer and have over 10 years experience in the food service industry.

“I have experienced some of the best food this country has to offer and nothing is better than the food that comes off my own grill!”

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