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Who we are:

2018: Now in our 10th year we are going through some long overdue changes. The focal point of our site will now be our blog. We will continue to sell the grilling tools that got us started, it’s just getting harder to compete with Amazon on those products. We will continue to provide those honest product reviews and quick and easy how to grill articles (along with a few paid ad’s of course). We are going to make this fun and exiting again.

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4theGrill.com LLC is a husband and wife team (along with some family and friends we ask to help out) out of Akron Ohio. We are an Internet retailer of grilling tools and accessories and have no retail store. My real job in managing a grocery store so I know my food. We are now in our 10th year in the grilling industry and we have a lifetime of experience with it. We have filled over 40,000 orders in that short period of time.

How we got here:

My entire life I have been a grilling enthusiast KCBS member and I am also a certified food safety professional. Years ago, I got my first rotisserie, a Christmas present I bought for myself. But the first time I went to use the rotisserie, I had my wife buy a chicken from the grocery store, and I realized I needed butchers twine, so went out to purchase some; I started looking at the grocery store. And when I couldn’t find it. I went back to the meat counter, and they gave me some free then I asked where I could purchase some, and even the butchers had no idea. I went from store to store to store looking for butchers twine and couldn’t find it anywhere. So then I searched online. I found a few places that carried butchers twine. You had to buy 500-foot spools and in some cases a fancy dispenser for it, I figured that was about a 10 year supply.

So I wondered to myself with all these places that sell rotisseries. You would think that someone have butchers twine with it. After all, it’s a necessary item when using a rotisserie so I started thinking of all the grill gadgets that I purchased, which by now probably number in the hundreds. Almost every gadget you buy, you need to purchase something else to use it. The instructions are always vague, and you pretty much have to use your best guess when trying it. So I began searching online for a store that sold nothing but grill gadgets and grill supplies. After two days, I found nothing. The best I could find was places that wanted to sell you a grill and had a few accessories. And that’s what gave me the idea to start a grill accessory super store.

Our Goals:

Our main goal is to try to treat our customers the way we would like to be treated.

We try to supply you with unique grill gadgets in multiple price ranges and information on how to use the gadgets properly. While grilling is not an exact science, it’s mainly trial and error. Why not use our errors before you even try. Take an item as simple as a smoker box. The instructions tell you to soak the wood chips without ever telling you what kind of wood chips or how many to use and place them in the box. With this lack of information, you may have tried to use once or twice, and not get the result that you wanted then you give up.

Thanks for shopping with us.

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The best way to reach us is by e-mail we answer those in the mornings and evenings everyday of the week at: sales@4thegrill.com
1700 W. Market St. #213
Akron OH 44313

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