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Bamboo Grilling Skewers

Bamboo Grilling Skewers

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Bamboo Grilling Skewers 10 Inch 100 Pack
10 inches Long
100 pack
Price: $1.89 Sale Price: $1.59
Round Bamboo Skewers 10 Inch 100 Count
Pointed End
100 pack
Price: $1.99 Sale Price: $1.50
Round Bamboo Grilling Skewers 12 Inch
12 inches Long
100 pack
Price: $5.49 Sale Price: $4.99

In this day and age even the trusty bamboo grilling skewer has gotten a makeover. Bamboo skewers are not only available in the traditional round type, they also come flat and even double pronged. Giving your grilled kabobs some much needed flair.

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Food on a stick is just plain fun. Remember the corndogs at the fair when you were a kid? With bamboo skewers you can bring that fun and enjoyment to just about any food you can imagine. All you need to do is cut it into cubes and slide it onto the skewer and grill it up.

Wood skewers are typically made from bamboo because it is sustainable and does not splinter easily.

Tips for grilling with bamboo skewers:

1) Soaking the skewers for an hour or so before hand will minimize the chance of them burning over the fire.

2) If you have a long portion of the skewers exposed for serving. Place a sheet of tin foil over the grill grates to shield the exposed skewer end from the flame while leaving the food exposed to the flames.