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Meat Hooks

Barbecue Hooks

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Rosewood Handle Barbecue Hook
stainless-steel construction, Rosewood Handle, 19 inches Long
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A barbecue hook or meat hook is one of the few advances in food turning technology in recent years. A meat hook has a wood handle with a rounded metal shaft. The shaft typically tapers the bends to a hooked pointed. Typically made with surgical steel the ends are very narrow and extremely sharp. The hooked end allows you to flip your meat with the flip of your wrist.

Barbecue hooks are made to turn solid pieces of meat such as steak or chicken and will not work well for burgers or delicate foods such as skinless fish. They work extremely well when used with the right foods and will allow you to turn large quantities of food extremely fast.

Note: Most barbecue meat hooks are designed to be used by right-handed people and can be awkward for lefties.