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Best Grill Brush Product Review

Last year a new design of grill cleaning brush popped up named The Best Grill Brush. It got a lot of attention and positive reviews, so we decidedĀ  to review it. Think of it as an update to our original grill brush article. That article is about 5 years old, it was about time for an update.

This new design features 3-inline spiral bristle heads. From the looks of it. The bristles should get between the inverted V-shaped porcelain coated grates better than an ordinary flat bristles.

best grill brush head close up
three inline spiral stainless steel bristle grill brush head.

To do this right we went to Amazon and purchased the highest rated brush they sell. We sell a similar version. We wanted to be as accurate as we could be with this review. The product we purchased is actually named “Best Grill Brush”. With a name like that is has to be junk, right?

At first look the triple bristle head looks impressive. Unlike other brush heads it has an aggressive look to it. My only negative thought is: are the 3 round heads spaced properly to get between all grates? Each bristle head is on its own twisted wire that leads back into the handle.

The handle itself is nothing special made from a heavy solid gray plastic, with a hanging loop on the end. When held it is at a 45 degree angle. I do not like the angle it sits at all. Most likely it is that way in case you need to apply pressure when cleaning your grates. When held it is a little heavier than an ordinary grill brush but not to heavy.

Let’s put the “Best Grill Brush” to work.

Our first test will be on the porcelain coated grates of our Weber. The mess we left is from marinated chicken. We intentionally left the marinade on and let it cool and sit overnight.  We heated up the grill before testing. Here are the before and after pictures you can judge for yourself.


dirty porcelain coated grill grates before

And after two passes.

dirty porcelain coated grill grates after

Well I am very impressed with the results.

No brush we have ever tested worked so well with so little effort on our part. It didn’t get everything but no other grill brush would either. I didn’t even notice the odd angle of the handle.

Best BBQ Grill Brush Stainless Steel 18" Barbecue Cleaning Brush w/Wire Bristles & Soft Comfortable Handle - Perfect Cleaner & Scraper for Grill Cooking Grates

So it worked well on the porcelain coated grates. How will it perform on a chrome plated wire grate like found on a kettle grill? Our gas grill uses that type of grate as an upper rack. The mess is same as the lower rack. Here are the pictures.

dirty chrome plated wire grill grates before

And after 2 passes

dirty chrome plated wire grill grates after

As you can see same great results on chrome plated wire as on the porcelain coated grates.

The bottom line:

I really wanted to hate this grill brush and tear it apart because just of its name. Partly because we do not sell it. But I just can’t. At this point we have used this product for several months. It is the best all around grill brush that we have ever used. The only thing I can really criticize is the cheap looking handle.

A couple of important things to note:

As you can see we used a stainless steel bristle head. There are versions of this brush with brass bristle heads if that is what your grill calls for.

Since the bristles are held in place with wire. They can easily be cleaned by dipping the brush head into a grease remover and rinsing it off with a hose.

If safety is a concern for you. This type of brush head is not as prone to shedding its bristles as a flat head grill brush.


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  1. I have use a brush like this for a couple of years now and I love it.

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