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A few months back the good people from BetterWood Products reached out to me about their Fatwood fire starter and wanted to send us a sample. I am familiar with there name but I do not remember where I know it from. So with a quick Google I refreshed my memory and let them know I would be happy to blog about their product.

I think of this type of thing as little guys helping each other out. We get a lot of traffic on our Charcoal Lighter Fluid Alternatives article so hopefully it will generate some traffic for them.

So the box came yesterday and it was full of goodies and not just sample sizes either full retail packages of everything. This will keep me busy writing for quite a while. Now if only spring would come so I don’t have to freeze while trying this stuff out.

Here is a rundown of what they sent us. They do not sell through their own website so the links go to Amazon.

First up the Fatwood Firestarter: This is a highly rated product that we have never tried. It should work well for lighting charcoal as well as wood fires. This is the product that they are best know for. They basically look like sticks of wood and you use 2 to light each fire.

Next is the Betterwood products Cedar Planks: For anyone who doesn’t know cedar planks are typically used for grilling fish, vegetables and chicken. Anything that has a mild flavor profile really. When the planks are placed over the flame the heat begins a mild smoking process. Now I haven’t done this for years I guess it’s time to give it another try.

Next up are the Cedar Wraps: These are similar to the planks except you wrap you food in them as opposed to setting the food on top. This is a grilling item that I have seen but never used so I am curious about them to say the least.

Last but not least is the BetterWood products natural lump charcoal: I don’t know if they were aware that I prefer natural lump to briquettes. I do occasionally use briquettes as well though. So this is the product that I am most excited about trying out and comparing it to my favorite.

That is the entire Betterwood product line and you will find in depth articles on all these product on our site over the coming weeks.


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