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Welcome to the 4theGrill grilling blog. Here is where we post links to all of our How To's, new product reviews and grilling articles. We update this often so please come back and tell your friends about us.

large custom spit rod

Where to find Large Custom Spit Rods

We get asked all the time for either extra long or large diameter spit rods for fire pits or cooking whole hogs. The only thing we can really recommend is finding some 304 stainless steel rod stock. Rod stock is readily available either from a local machine shop or online and can be used as is or it can be modified by a local machine shop. Click here for more.

Masterbuilt Electric Bluetooth Smoker Product ReviewMasterbuilt Electric Smoker with Bluetooth Review

To begin the specific Masterbuilt electric smoker model we are reviewing here is the 30 inch Masterbuilt this review can be used for any digital Masterbuilt cabinet smoker. In the review we include a review of the bluetooth and app as well.  Let me start by saying this has turned into my favorite barbecue toy. Easy to use and requires very little attention.  Click here for more.

tel-tru barbecue reset thermometerTel-Tru New Barbecue Reset Thermometer

4theGrill has been around for 10 years now and in that time we have seen major innovations in digital barbecue thermometers and no changes in the standard smoker thermometer. Tel-tru has now changed that with their new reset smoker thermometer. Here we will attempt to answer any questions about these thermometers you may have. Click here for more.

tel tru barbecue reset thermometer

Tel-Tru Thermometer Buyers Guide 2017

This year Tel-Tru has redone their barbecue thermometer buyers guide to help you make an informed decision before purchasing that new smoker thermometer. Why purchase a Tel-Tru thermometer? We have been selling barbecue and grill thermometers for 10 years now and we have found that Tel-Tru is the cream of the crop when it comes to analog thermometers. Click here for more.

grilled new york strip steak

How to Grill a New York Strip Steak

A New York strip steak is a cut of beef from the short loin of a cow is actually the larger side of the T-bone. Typically it is easy to find a well marbled cut of strip steak making for a delicious grilled steak option. A common misconception about this cut is that it is tough, a tough strip steak is an over cooked strip steak. When selecting a New York strip to grill remember that thicker is better. A thicker cut steak takes longer to cook which allows for a larger margin of error when grilling. Click here for more.

Spit rod comparison

How to Check the Diameter of your Spit Rod

So you need to purchase a new set of spit forks for your rotisserie and need to check your spit rods diameter. Here is a quick and easy way to check and compare spit rod diameters using things you probably have lying around your house. The smallest diameter spit rod is the 5/16 it is also the most common. Found in most universal rotisserie kits. Click here for more.

how to grill popcorn

How to Grill Popcorn

Looking for something different to grill? How about some popcorn for a light snack. We will take you through the steps on how to grill popcorn and in this case we will be stepping it up a little by grilling garlic popcorn. If you are just looking to pop regular popcorn on your grill just omit the garlic from this. Click here for more.

grilled garlic parm fries

How to Grill Frozen French Fries

Can you grill frozen french fries? Yes, and they will turn out better than they do in your oven. Not only will we will show you how to grill your frozen french fries we will turn them into a gourmet side dish with just a little minced garlic, butter and parmesan cheese. Click here for entire article.

weber kettle with thermometerMust Have Weber Kettle Grill Accessories

The Weber Kettle grill is the grill that changed everything. It has a loyal following for a reason. It cooks great, it is inexpensive, it is reliable and it lasts seemingly forever. This list may surprise for a couple of reasons. First off is that these items are basic upgrades to the grill itself, no fancy grilling gadgets on this list. Click here.

Propane Exchange ReviewPropane Exchange Review

When your propane tank is empty and you need to get it filled you normally have two choices the propane exchange found outside most hardware and grocery stores and some gas stations or finding a place that will fill your tank. So, should you use a propane exchange? Most of the time the propane exchange is much more convenient as with every convenience you end up paying more for it and in this case it is a lot more. Click here for more.

propane tank mounted under gas grill

How much propane is left in the tank? with Video If you grill with gas this a question you will have often. There is an easy way to measure how much gas is left in the tank. The most accurate way to gauge a 20lb propane tank is by weight so you will need a bathroom scale for this trick. The first thing you will need to do is to turn the gas off and disconnect the hose from the grill and remove the tank.Click here for more.

grilled potato prep

How to Grill a Whole Potato with Video:

Grilling a whole potato is one of the simplest things you can grill and it will turn out very similar to a baked potato out of your oven. Items you will need: a Potato, heavy duty tinfoil , Fork and Italian Salad Dressing, Butter or Olive Oil. Click here for entire article.

turkey sausages on the grill

How to Grill a Better Turkey Sausage with Video.

We are all trying to eat a little better these days and turkey sausage is a slightly healthier grilling option. The two drawbacks to a turkey sausage compared to a normal sausage are the texture and the lack of flavor. These are issues that are easily off-set with the proper grilling techniques that we will showcase here. Click here for more.

Weber Spirit E210 Review

Weber Spirit E210 Gas Grill Review

We have now had our Weber Spirit E210 for over 2 years now so we have updated our initial review on this grill to include our current thoughts on the grill. We begin with our original post with updated content in (bold). Below the initial post you will find the current review. Click here for more.

marinated chicken breast grilled

How to Grill Marinated Chicken Breast

A boneless skinless chicken breast can be very dry and tasteless when not grilled properly. To off-set this we will marinate them for up to 24 hours before grilling. This process adds flavor and moisture to this bland piece of meat. However doing this can cause some problems if you do not modify your grilling technique. The marinade we are using for this a combination of Italian salad dressing and Goya Sazon seasoning. Click here for more.

bacon on the grill

How to grill bacon (with video)

Can you grill Bacon? Yes, this is something every griller will try at least once but, I do not recommend grilling raw bacon without use of a pan or bacon grilling rack. Throwing uncooked bacon directly onto your grills grates will cause quite a mess inside your grill that you will be cleaning for hours. Instead there is a much simpler solution. Click here for more.

eggs on the grill

How to grill an egg (with video)

Can you grill an egg? Sure you can. There are a couple of different ways to accomplish this besides placing a frying pan or grill griddle on your grates and cooking it the traditional method. Here we will cover how to grill an egg in its shell as well as a grilled fried egg. Grilling an egg the fried way is a great topper for a bacon cheese burger, I like it with a nice runny yolk. Click here for more.


quesadilla on the grill

How to make quesadillas on the grill (with video)

This is my go to meal when we have leftover beer can chicken. Grilling quesadillas is quick and easy and only requires 3 ingredients, tortilla's, shredded cheese and some kind of fully cooked meat in this case chicken. You can experiment with different meats and cheeses for a completely different experience this is just a very basic how to. Click here for more.

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totinos pizza on the grill

How to grill a Totinos frozen pizza (with video)

Grilling a frozen Totino's party pizza is quick and easy and the crust comes out very crispy. In my opinion it is better off the grill then out of the oven. Preheat your grill to 400 degrees. Turn down the gas to 50% or to medium medium-low heat. Click here for more.


pizza on the grill

Can You Grill Frozen Pizza?

Yes, grilling a frozen pizza will make for a crispy crust and will come out similar to a pizza cooked in a wood fired pizza oven. A simple tweak to the instructions provided on the pizza box will give you excellent results. Click here for more.

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