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How to Grill Moink Balls

How to grill moink balls, wait, what is a Moink ball? A Moink Ball is a bacon wrapped meatball seasoned with a barbecue rub, smoked and then covered in barbecue sauce. Smiling yet?

How to Grill Turkey Thighs

If you have a large appetite and a small budget you need to learn how to grill turkey thighs. They are an inexpensive and completely different grilling option. They are fairly large at about a pound a thigh and very versatile

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How to Grill Turkey Bacon

For best results grill turkey bacon raw over a medium high direct heat for 3 to 4 minutes per side. For a chewy turkey bacon grill using indirect medium high heat for 6 to 8 minutes per side.

What are Turkey Ribs

There are 2 kinds of Turkey Ribs both are nothing more than a turkey shoulder. It appears as the more common version is a pre-formed pre-cooked piece of turkey white meat on the bone. These are supposed to be made specifically to give you the same texture as a pork rib.

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How to Grill Frozen French Fries with Video

Can you grill frozen french fries? Yes, and they will turn out better than they do in your oven. First defrost with an indirect medium heat. Then grill over a direct medium-high heat. Grilling times will vary based on the style of fries.

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How to Grill Jalapeno Poppers

When you grill jalapeno poppers, grill over medium hot indirect heat, using a drip pan to catch the bacon grease, for about 20 to 35 minutes.