Preparing your Meat for Grilling

While preparing meat for the grill you are faced with several options on how to do it. You may use one of them; none of them or all of them is purely a matter of taste. Different meats respond differently to different techniques. You will have to find what works best for you.

How to Sear Meat on the Grill

If you are searing multiple items, some may stick some and may not. The ones that stick are on cooler parts of the grill and the other ones are ready to turn, when the meat is ready to turn, flip it and repeat the process. Typically after the sear you will be removing the meat from the hot spot of the grill and/or lowering your flame.

USDA Food Temperature Guidelines

Using this chart and an accurate food thermometer is the only sure way to know that your food has reached a high enough internal temperature to destroy any bacteria in it.

How to Build a Healthier Burger

If you were to do everything we listed here your healthier burger would have 200 fewer calories and 17 less grams of fat. Not to bad for something that would have had over 800 calories to begin with.

Best Cut of Steak to Grill

At number one the ribeye I consider it to be the king of all steaks. Typically less expensive, it is easy to find a nice well marbled cut and that extra fat adds a nice flavor. They can also be found with or without the bone. When grilling you will need to watch for flare-ups other than that it is a straight forward cook

best ground beef for hamburgers cover photo

Best Ground Beef for Hamburgers

Long gone are the days when your local supermarket only offered ground chuck and ground beef as your only options for hamburger meat. : What is the best ground beef for hamburger patties?