How To Open A Bag of Charcoal Properly

Learning how to open a bag of charcoal properly isn’t very difficult, it just requires a little patience. Those heavy paper bags with that are sewn on top aren’t something that you run into on a daily basis. Yes, you could easily cut it open with a knife or scissors however, that they were made […]

Coronavirus Food Safety

Before I start the coronavirus food safety post the main thing that you need to know: there is no evidence (right now) of food or food packaging being associated with transmission of the virus. Per the FDA on 3/17/2020. This post is not meant for fear mongering it is for those people who just wish […]

Grill With Lid Open or Closed

A simple question deserves a simple answer and that is: Thinner foods should be grilled with the lid open while when grilling thicker foods the lid should be closed.

How to Grill Frozen Turkey Burgers

Learning how to grill turkey burgers is a little different than grilling up beef hamburgers. Turkey is so lean that it doesn’t react well to the direct high heat of your grill.

charcoal lighter fluid alterantives cover

Charcoal Lighter Fluid Alternatives

We are posting charcoal lighter fluid alternatives because we know you need a way to light those coals when you don’t have any lighter fluid. In this post we will begin with some household alternatives that you can use and touch on store bought as well. The most reliable method is the use of a […]

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What is the Best Oil for Grill Grates

If you are going to oil your grates you need to know, what is the best oil for grill grates. Any cooking oil with a high smoke point will work for you.