Propane tank mounted under gas grill

Expired 20 Pound Propane Tank

So you go to fill up your propane tank and they tell you that it has expired, what’s up with that? Well thanks to our federal government propane tanks do actually expire every 12 years. Some tanks even have a warning about it stamped on the upper ring. They cite safety reasons for this law. […]

Temperature control on charcoal grill cover photo

Temperature Control on Charcoal Grill

Temperature control on charcoal grill is all in the vent settings of your grill and a few other easy to control factors. In this post we are going in depth into the vent settings on a Weber Kettle and what temperatures you can expect to reach with them. #kingsford #charcoalgrilling

Lighter Fluid Alternatives cover photo

How to make charcoal burn longer

To make your charcoal burn longer use a technique we like to call “the ring of fire”. With this technique you can achieve a 4 hour burn time.

how to use a grill surface thermometer 1

How To Use a Grill Surface Thermometer

To over simplify it: you just place your grill surface thermometer on your grates and read the temperature. It can be that simple or it can get a little complicated.

grilling and barbecue TV shows

Grilling and Barbecue TV Shows

A comprehensive list of all Grilling and Barbecue TV shows broken down by network. Includes links to the shows website and where you can find episodes online.