USDA Food Temperature Guidelines

Using this chart and an accurate food thermometer is the only sure way to know that your food has reached a high enough internal temperature to destroy any bacteria in it.

how to grill chicken legs cover

How to Grill Chicken Legs

When we grill chicken legs I like nice crispy crunchy skin and then slathered in wing sauce. These are an affordable option to chicken wings especially when you are grilling for large group

Grill Marinated Chicken Breast

How to Grill Marinated Chicken Breast

When you grill marinated chicken breast it can make a mess but boneless skinless chicken can be very dry and tasteless when not marinated. With this technique you can get all the extra flavor and extra moisture without the mess.

How to Grill Beer Can Chicken Video

If you have not tried to grill beer can chicken, you are missing a real treat! It is like rotisserie chicken but not as greasy tasting. Basically you take a beer can 1/2 full of liquid, place it in a large open end of the chicken and grill it standing on end. The chicken cooks […]

How to Grill Quesadillas VIDEO

Why learn how to grill quesadillas? It great when you have leftover beer can chicken. Grilling quesadillas is quick, easy and different grilling option