how to grill bacon cover photo

How to Grill Bacon VIDEO

The question shouldn’t be how to grill bacon? The question is should you grill bacon? Can you? Yes, this is something every griller will try at least once. Should you? No, I do not recommend it without use of a pan or bacon grilling rack. Throwing uncooked bacon directly onto your grills grates will cause […]

how to grill shrimp cover photo

How to Grill Shrimp with Video

Place the shrimp on the grill over direct medium low to low heat for about 2 to 3 minutes. Turn if skewered or stir if they are on a wok. The cooked side should be a solid white. Brush with your finishing sauce in this case we used garlic butter.

How to Grill Beer Can Chicken Video

If you have not tried to grill beer can chicken, you are missing a real treat! It is like rotisserie chicken but not as greasy tasting. Basically you take a beer can 1/2 full of liquid, place it in a large open end of the chicken and grill it standing on end. The chicken cooks […]

how to grill turkey sausge cover photo

How to Grill a Better Turkey Sausage with Video

We are going to grill turkey sausage by Butterball which happens to be a fully cooked smoked sausage. Be sure to check the package of your sausage to see if it is fully cooked or raw sausage.

how to grill frozen french fries cover photo

How to Grill Frozen French Fries with Video

Can you grill frozen french fries? Yes, and they will turn out better than they do in your oven. First defrost with an indirect medium heat. Then grill over a direct medium-high heat. Grilling times will vary based on the style of fries.

Whole potatoes wrapped in foil on gas grill

How to Grill a Whole Potato with Video

How to grill a whole potato is one of the simplest things you can learn to grill. It will turn out very similar to a baked potato out of your oven