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Chop House Frozen Burgers Review

We recently purchased a box of the Chop House frozen burgers by Holten and decided to review them. As it turns out there are 4 variations of this line of burgers this review is specifically about the Angus Beef Brisket Steak Burger. The other versions are Angus Chuck, Angus Sirloin and a Certified Angus Beef. These are available at most mass retailers and grocery stores everywhere.

As far as frozen hamburgers are concerned the Chop House burger line is at the higher end of what you will find in your grocery store. At just about $10 for 2lbs or 6 – 1/3 pound USDA Choice patties.

chop house burger box

The packaging is attractive with all your basic nutritional and cooking instructions. What sets it apart for me is that USDA Choice logo. This is not something you typically see on frozen burgers of any kind.

uncooked chop house patty

As soon as you see these burgers out of the box you can tell that they are not your typical burger. The 1/3 pound patties look like they have some heft and you can see larger chunks of meat in them. I like it already!

These patties are individually frozen with wax paper separating each. They separated easily with no prying needed. We grilled them as we do any frozen burger (you can find that here).

The grilling process only had two things to note:

  1. On the first flip they were picture perfect and didn’t look like any frozen burger we had ever cooked before.
  2. Towards the end of the grilling process there were the typical flare-ups that you get with frozen burgers, just slightly less.
single burger on grill

The Bottom Line of the Chop House Frozen Burgers Review:

These are by far the best mass produced frozen burgers we have ever tried. When you bite into them they have a meaty chew that you normally do not find in a fine grind burger. The angus brisket flavor really pops as well. We are fans of brisket burgers and these burgers almost taste like the fresh ground brisket from the grocery store.

If you like to have some frozen burgers around for unexpected company or just want something different I do not hesitate in recommending the Holten Chop House Angus Brisket burger.

Note: Since this article was written have had the Certified Angus Beef burger for the Holten Chop house line. It was not nearly as flavorful as the brisket burger. We would give that one 3 out of 5 stars.

How to grill Frozen Burgers

A frozen burger doesn’t have to be a bad burger. If you grill them properly.

how to grill frozen hanburgers

From the package:

If you’re a burger lover, you no longer have to compromise quality for convenience when buying a frozen burger. Not with CHOP HOUSE Steak Burgers. Our burgers boast proprietary, butcher-style grinds so they’re bursting with flavor. Frozen fresh with a unique handmade look, CHOP HOUSE is sure to become the burger lover’s go-to-option. Enjoy!

It is important to note that we are in now way compensated for this review. We purchase the products from the grocery store and write an honest review from our experiences.


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  1. Jonathan G

    Tried these and they’re not your normal frozen buger pretty good I must say.

  2. Sounds like we need to try these

  3. Randy Hettich

    I bought 10 pound box frozen patties chop house by holden says certified herford… i must say its almost as good as a soyburger ya get in a great value tv dinner if ya put gravy over it… otherwise have second thoughts if i should feed the uneaten portions to the hounds

    1. Roxane Luna

      You must have cooked them wrong..

  4. Richard Archibald

    I have never gone out of my way to praise anything before this. I have eaten hamburger meat from all over the world. I have only found one equal to Holten Chop House’s brisket steak burger, and that’s a Holten Chop House brisket steak burger!
    I highly recommend these for any grilling occasion. They are the perfect size and weight with very little (if any) shrinkage after grilling. We purchased them from H.E.B. Food Stores in the Houston area.

  5. Frozen Chop house burgers are by far the best tasting burgers we have ever had better so juicy and flavorful! Purchased at Sam’s club


      I agree. The very best burger I have found. Our Sams Club in Pensacola had them for a while, however they no longer carry them. I sure wish they would bring them back.

  6. Ralph Frampton

    Absolutely THE BEST hamburgers we have ever bought! The brisket burgers have been the only ones by Holten we have tried, but they are so good, why try any other!

  7. Patty Benson

    Sams used to have but have t been able to find. Can I order on line?

    1. Ordering frozen things online is really expensive. So try this link it can locate other stores near you.

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