Rotisserie questions answered

Common Rotisserie Questions Answered

On this page we answer common grill rotisserie questions people have. We will be using some of the actual e-mail questions and our replies that we have received over the years.

We want you to enjoy the use of your new grill rotisserie even if you didn’t purchase it here so please feel free to e-mail us any questions you may have.

Michael from TN. Asks:

I have a Home Depot Nexgrill gas grill and I was given a Grillpro rotisserie for Christmas. Just got around to mounting the rotisserie today, only to find that, after it’s mounted, I can no longer close the lid on the grill with the rotisserie rod in place.

The grill has a hole in the lid (as most do) to allow for passage of the rotisserie rod, but the mounting brackets cause the rod to sit too high to allow the lid to clear. The supplied brackets would actually adjust to a lower position, but the shelves on the grill prohibit them from being moved any further down.

I’m wondering if there’s a universal mounting bracket for the rotisserie that’s shorter, and would allow for a lower mounting position of the rotisserie so the lid would close as it’s designed to.

4theGrill’s Reply

I don’t think you need another mounting bracket. We used to carry the Grillpro rotisseries years ago so I am familiar with that product and those mounting brackets are huge. It sounds like your problem is one of two things so here are solutions to them both.

GrillPro 60090 Rotisserie Kit for Grills, 39-1/2-Inch, Black

1) If your side shelves are not allowing you to slide the bracket down far enough: Loosen the shelf mount slide the bracket into position and mount it then re-tighten the shelf back up. If for some reason you can’t loosen the shelf you could just cut off the lower part of the bracket you’re not going to use.

2) If it is the rotisserie motor hitting the shelf: Put the rotisserie motor on the bracket upside down. Rotisserie motors can run upside down and sideways as well as right side up.

Jorge’s grill rotisserie question is:

Are the gears in the rotisserie motors metal and what warranty comes with it.

4theGrill’s Reply:

There is a single plastic gear in the motors the rest are metal. I have found this to be true on all of the rotisserie motors we have ever carried. It’s there as a fail safe measure. The manufacturer we carry has a full one year warranty on all their rotisserie motors.

Doug Asks:

I have a 30″ RCS Agape grill and need a replacement spit rod for my rotisserie. Can you tell me what length I should go with so that the mount opposite the motor lines up.

4theGrill’s Reply:

As a general rule: measure the width of your grill and add 5 inches. That will give you the shortest length of spit rod you can use, better to be long than short on this,

You will not require a rod support bracket if the base of your grill has a U cut for the spit rod. The spit rod bushing will ride directly in that U groove.

Donny Asks:

While I know my way around charcoal and open-pit cooking, I’ve never done a whole hog before. Before I continue try to piece together a rotisserie system from you, I thought it might just be best to reach out and see if you have a large enough motor to accommodate a 100# load, along with the 72″x3/4″ spit set (DON-7ls72s-750).

4theGrill’s Reply:

Whole animal rotisseries are not our specialty. The best advice I can provide you with is: purchase items that are rated at least 25% above the capacity of the weight you are shooting for, If you buy items that are rated for 100 lbs and you are cooking 100lb hog everything will be strained. Think of it this way: if you want to travel at 100 mph would you rather be in a Lamborghini or a Ford Focus? While both are capable of the speed one is just way more comfortable getting there.

Larry asks:

I have a rotisserie question. How do I measure My Spit Rod ??? so I can replace it with a SS 1/2” Hex. Do I measure from the Pointed tip to the threads ????

4theGrill’s Reply

The measurements we show are for just the rod end to end. Pointed tip to end of the threads. Keep in mind if you are going thicker you will most likely require new hardware as well. Here is how to check your spit rods diameter as well.

Joan Asks:

What is the difference between the 5/16, 1/2 and Stainless 37 inch grill rotisseries you carry?

4theGrills Reply:

To start with they all include the same high quality motor and counterbalance. The spit rods and hardware are different. If you are cooking loads under 15 lbs the 5/16 rotisserie will work just fine. If you plan on grilling up to 25 pounds go with the 1/2″. In either case I recommend the stainless bracket upgrade we offer, if your grill sits outside. The stainless steel rotisserie is capable of just a little more about 30lbs. The main benefit to that one is it will last forever.

We have carried many rotisseries throughout the years and the ones we carry are the best that we have seen. They may cost a little more than the inexpensive ones out there but they are worth the additional cost.


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Common Rotisserie Questions Answered
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Common Rotisserie Questions Answered
On this page we answer common questions people have about their grill rotisseries. We will be using some of the actual e-mail questions and our replies that we have received over the years.
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