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Grill Stone Review with Video

Before we begin our Grill Stone review here is a brief explanation of just what this grill cleaning block is. The food service industry has been using a similar product called a grill brick for years to keep flat tops clean. Made from polymer and glass it is a lightweight micro-abrasive block that crumbles when used.

Grill stones are available with or without a plastic handle and prices range from $5 to $10. Online reviews are all over the place on this product so let’s get started.

Our grill stone has a short plastic handle that the stone sits in. The block is wrapped in plastic so it needs to be removed from the handle so it can be removed. When removed you will be met with a pile of white dust, shades of things to come I’m afraid.

Our grill stone review on youtube:

We try our grill stone on the porcelain coated grates of our Weber Spirit. It cleans very well while leaving a trail of white dust behind. After a few passes the block falls out from the handle. It cleaned these grates well. The trail of white dust was easily cleaned off the grates with the aid of a grill wipe. The bigger issue is all the dust that fell into the grill body. So the entire interior will need to be cleaned.

Next test is on our upper stainless wire rack. On this surface it doesn’t work very well at all. Even with adding some pressure it will take 10 or more passes for this area to clean up.

In our final test for the grill stone review we are going to attempt to knock the rust off some old weber kettle grates. These are the original chrome plated wire grates that came with our grill. For this application the grill stone did a terrific job. The rust began to come off on the first pass and the stone got some grooves cut into it. This allowed it to clean deep down the sides as well. We flipped the grate and did the bottom as well. The grate will still need some rust removed from the edges and support rods, but it did a great job removing rust.

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Bottom Line of our Grill Stone Review:

If you want to use this product as a grill brush we can’t recommend it even though it cleans well. Because the dust it leaves behind adds to much extra work to the process. However if you are looking to bring to life some old rusty grill grates it is a worthwhile purchase.

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Our reviews are uncompensated and not endorsed by the manufacturer in anyway. The product was purchased at full price for the sole purpose of writing this review.


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