grilling and barbecue TV shows

Grilling and Barbecue TV Shows

If your like me you turn to TV for inspiration for your grilling. So we have created this comprehensive list of all the grilling and barbecue TV shows we could find. We have scoured the web, network sites and our cable programming guide to put this list together.

We have sorted the shows by network. The host’s name and a brief description of each. Links provided go to each of the shows or networks web pages if available.

Most of these grilling and barbecue TV shows you will have to catch on demand or re-runs but some do sell the DVD’s or have episodes or clips on their websites and we provide links to what we have found.

Show name links go to that shows webpage.

Last Updated 5/15/19


Project Fire with Steven Raichlen: With a dynamic new format that includes on-set guests and off-road field trips, innovators of live fire cooking. Join Steven to share revolutionary new techniques that will elevate the backyard barbecue experience. From ember-roasting and salt slab grilling to fire-heated iron and high tech rotisseries.

Stream full episodes of Project Fire here.

The Project Fire book available on Amazon here

Primal Grill with Steven Raichlen: is the biggest, baddest, most comprehensive grilling show yet,.With easy-to-follow instruction, close-up step-by-step technique sequences, and mouth-watering, in-your-face food shots. DVD available to purchase on Amazon.

Barbecue University with Steven Raichlen: Each episode of Barbecue University focuses on different American regional barbecue traditions. From classics like Memphis Dry Rub Ribs and Smoke-la-homa Brisket to grilling adventures.

Project Smoke with Steven Raichlen: From the man who launched a revolution in live-fire cooking. Comes a third electrifying season of the show. That brings the art of smoking and grilling from the competition barbecue circuit to the mainstream American backyard.

BBQ with Franklin host Aaron Franklin: Barbecue doesn’t have to be complicated and it doesn’t take a lot of specialized equipment. In this 11 episode instructional web series. BBQ nerd Aaron Franklin explains the steps beginning to end in creating delicious barbecue in your backyard.

Destination America

BBQ Pitmasters with Myron Mixon: BBQ Pitmasters is an American reality television series. Which follows barbecue cooks as they compete for cash and prizes in barbecue cooking competitions. Full Episodes available.

Smoked with Myron Mixon: In each episode, two pitmasters with a personal history are pitted against each other. A BBQ battle to prove once and for all whose the best and whose gonna get smoked. Along with a rotating panel of all-star judges. You can purchase season 1 on Amazon.

BBQ Rules with Myron Mixon: Link goes to Youtube. Goes back to the basics of backyard pit barbecuing with BBQ Rules. Offering readers essential old-school barbecue techniques and 50 classic recipes. This was one of my favorites it’s a shame more info is not out there for it.

Epic BBQ Pits: No information available

Food Network

BBQ Blitz with Eddie Jackson: Former NFL player Eddie Jackson is taking a barbecue battle on the road in BBQ Blitz. In each city, three of the best grillers, smokers, and fire-roasters will cook off. For a chance to win $5,000 and the title of best barbecue chef.

BBQ Rig Race with Michael Mixon: One Episode. Four teams of top pit masters compete in a series of cook-offs. That take them on a wild road trip through the heart of Texas, hosted by Michael Mixon. The final two face off for ultimate bragging rights and a giant $10,000 prize.

BBQ with Bobby Flay: Chef and grilling star Bobby Flay travels the country in search of all that is grilled, smoked, barbecued and enjoyed. Join him as he meets colorful characters, visits undiscovered BBQ joints and tries every grilling gadget imaginable.

Kids BBQ Championship with Damaris Phillips: Relive the ups and downs of this pint-sized grilling contest. Find out which kids were out grilled and who won $10,000.

Food Network Bobby Flay

Boy Meets Grill with Bobby Flay: adds a new twist to grilling on Boy Meets Grill. He visits his favorite New York spots to collect ingredients, inspiration and the occasional friend. To help complete an alfresco feast in an urban rooftop setting. While grilling everything from lobsters to dessert. Bobby will show you how to entertain in style when cooking outdoors.

Hot off the Grill with Bobby Flay: Bobby and his co-host, Jacqui Malouf, entertain friends and neighbors at indoor and outdoor celebrations in their television “home.” The dishes are a party in themselves

Grill It! with Bobby Flay: Thirteen lucky Food Network viewers, all known for their own grill mastery. Have been chosen to cook alongside the grilling guru himself in Grill It! with Bobby Flay. In each episode, the guest griller’s best recipe is the food of the day. The twist is that Chef Flay has no clue about the food of choice until the guest arrives. Season 3 available for purchase on Amazon.

Barbecue Addiction: Bobby’s Basics with Bobby Flay: A high-impact cooking series that takes outdoor grilling to a whole new level! Quintessential grill master Bobby Flay pulls out all the stops. Delivers a one-two culinary punch, showcasing his expert grilling techniques in surprising new ways. Using abundant flavor-packed ingredients from around the world. Surrounded by a sea of grills and the grilling tools he loves most.

More from Food Network

Grill Masters – Chopped: In this first-of-its-kind Chopped tournament event, the competition goes west for a fierce five-part showdown, where the greatest griller of them all will walk away with $50,000. In the appetizer round, what will the first four grill masters make for the judges with cookies and yak steaks? A giant surprise awaits the competitors in the entree basket. Five episodes title link goes to the episode 1 page.

Best in Smoke: The best barbecue masters from across the United States battle against each other to win the title of Best in Smoke. With New York City as the backdrop, the competitors will face-off over four shows that will test not only their barbecue know-how, but their endurance as well. A final mad dash to three venues around Manhattan and Brooklyn will determine which competitor will be awarded the $50,000 grand prize and the right to claim the title of Best in Smoke.

Tailgate Battle with Eddie Jackson: They meet some tailgaters with crazy, over-the-top setups and super bold bites, including jerk chicken mac and cheese, whiskey and cola wings, a stack of ribs, satin chicken and cheddar and jack pierogis. Then, they put their tailgate talents to the test.

Tailgate Warriors with Guy Fieri: They meet some tailgaters with crazy, over-the-top setups and super bold bites, including jerk chicken mac and cheese, whiskey and cola wings, a stack of ribs, satin chicken and cheddar and jack pierogis. Then, they put their tailgate talents to the test

Cooking Channel

Man Fire Food with Roger Mooking: Man Fire Food features the inventive ways Americans cook with fire. From small campfires to creative custom-made grills and smokers, we visit home cooks, pitmasters, and chefs who are fascinated by fire and food. The smoke signals take host Roger Mooking across the country, including the American South for different styles of regional barbecue. Season 3 and 6 are available to purchase on Amazon

Big Bad BBQ Brawl with Shannon Ambrosio: Now that he’s conquered the BBQ scene in New York, he and his boys are hitting the road to see if he can measure up against the best pit masters in the south.

Travel Channel

American Grilled with David Guas: We’re traveling across America to discover the best and boldest flavors competitors can fire up on their grills in this ultimate, outdoor cooking challenge. From the Virginia countryside where whole hogs are a classic, to Maryland’s Eastern Shore where blue crabs are legendary. Season 1 available for purchase on Amazon.

BBQ Crawl with Danielle Dimovski. BBQ Crawl is a mouth-watering road trip that follows former world champion of pork and BBQ Diva Danielle Dimovski as she eats and competes her way through

Grill of Victory: The battle to build the most tricked-out grill travels from city to city in this competition series, which pits three teams against each other in three categories: rig, dig and food.

Underground Barbecue Challenge with Gerry Garvin: The Underground BBQ Challenge pits neighbors against neighbors across the country in an epic BBQ cooking contest. Host and acclaimed chef G. Garvin offers two teams of local grill masters a chance to prove they’ve got the chops to represent their town with the tastiest, most creatively cooked.

Tuff TV

Mad Dog and Merrill: Internationally recognized and self-proclaimed Grillologists. They entertain and educate thousands of backyard enthusiasts every year with the finer points of grilling. They want nothing more than to make everyone a better griller and have a ton of fun doing it! Mad Dog & Merrill travel the country performing in front of live audiences and hosting the TV series. Full episodes available on their website and Tufftv Streams live TV on that site as well. Note: Tufftv is a free OTA network for those of you cord cutters.

Did I miss your favorite?  That is what our comment section is for.


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Grilling and Barbecue TV Shows
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Grilling and Barbecue TV Shows
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