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Grilling Grids and Sheets

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Non-stick Grilling Sheet Reusable
Can be trimmed to fit any grill
**Product Demo Video**
Price: $19.99 Sale Price: $16.99
Folding Reusable Dual Sided Grilling Sheet
Disposable, Reusable
Hinged Center
Price: $9.99 Sale Price: $7.99
Kettle Grill Topper Stainless Steel
Fits most Round Grills
Hinged Center
Price: $14.99 Sale Price: $5.99
Wire Mesh Grill Topper Large
large 9x15 inch Grilling Surface
Price: $14.99 Sale Price: $8.99
Small Nonstick Barbecue Grill Grid
7 x 11 inch Grid
Price: $13.99 Sale Price: $11.99
Copper Look Barbecue Grill Grid
Copper Look
Three Raised Edges
Price: $24.99 Sale Price: $18.49
Stainless Steel 12x12 Grilling Platter
Stainless Steel
Removable Handle
Price: $39.99 Sale Price: $6.99
Stainless Steel Grilling Grid
16x12 inches
Dishwasher safe
Price: $21.99 Sale Price: $17.99
Large Stainless Steel Grill Grid with Handles
Three Raised Sides
Dishwasher Safe
Price: $19.99 Sale Price: $17.99
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A grilling grid is a flat grill topper that is placed directly onto your grills grates and are designed to cook smaller foods that may otherwise fall through your grates. A grill grid typically has three sides and are open in the front to help keep your food in place while still giving you an open area to get a spatula in. Grill grids go by a few different terms such as: grill sheets, platters or even grill trays.

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Grill Grids

Grill grids are great topper when you need to grill thinner items that may fall through your grill grates yet are to long to be cooked in a grill wok. They also function very well for delicate items such as fish. Around our house we like to break out the grill grid when grilling up some asparagus. A grid can also be used when using a community grill to make sure your food is being cooked on a clean surface.

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