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How To Grill Asparagus

Once you learn how to grill asparagus you may never cook it any other way. This is about as simple as grilling gets and the results are fantastic.  This whole how to article could just read: Coat with olive oil, season with salt and pepper and grill over direct high heat for three to five minutes while turning frequently. However, I like to use a few little tricks that I will share with you here.

Grilled asparagus makes a great side dish for chicken, steak and pork, just about any grilled meat really.

Preparation: After your asparagus has been trimmed and cleaned you can just drizzle the spears with olive oil. I prefer to coat them, I do this by putting a little olive oil on a piece of plastic wrap or a plate and then placing 3 to 5 spears on it. Then roll them back and forth for a nice even coating, set those spears aside and do the rest little by little.

When finished coating them in oil you season them with salt and pepper. Fresh ground sea salt and pepper will give you the best results but normal table salt and pepper are fine.

asparagus loose on the grill

The Grilling

You can simply place it loosely onto your grates if you have thick stalks or you can use a grilling grid to keep them from falling through your grates or you can skewer them using the raft technique. Remember to keep the spears laying across your grill grates not with them if placing them on loose.

Skewering with raft technique: This is skewering laying the stalks side by side and then as in two spots to make it look like a wooden raft. This is best done with flat or narrow skewers. You will destroy a stalk or two in the process. While I like doing it this way, it is very tricky and only works with thick pieces of asparagus unless you have very thin skewers.

Whatever technique you decide to use you will need to turn the asparagus frequently to keep it from burning. Some char is good, burnt is bad.

charred asparagus on the grill

Grill directly over medium-high heat for approximately 3 to five minutes per side. You will want them to show a little char. Once the spears become flexible they are done. You do not want them to be limp. If they become limp they are overcooked.

If your asparagus gets done before the rest of your meal wrap it in foil and move it as far away from your heat source as possible. The foil packet can also be placed in a warm oven if you need to clear the room on your grill.

Here is how I grilled the best asparagus I have ever eaten:

We used the rafted skewer technique then brushed them with olive oil. Seasoned the spears with fresh ground sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Grilled them over hardwood charcoal briquets. That’s it simple and clean.

loaded grill flank steak asparagus and kabobs

Warning: Now that you know how to grill asparagus you may even become a vegan.

Probably not, but maybe.


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How to grill asparagus
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How to grill asparagus
Grill asparagus spears directly over medium-high heat for approximately 3 to five minutes per side. You will want them to show a little char. Once the spears become flexible they are done.
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