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How to Grill Frozen French Fries with Video

Can you grill frozen french fries? Yes, and they will turn out better than they do in your oven. Not only will we will show you how to grill your frozen french fries we will turn them into a gourmet side dish with just a little minced garlic, butter and parmesan cheese.

First you need to consider your choice of fry. They will need to be a thicker cut fry we like using a thick cut steak fry but crinkle cut fries or potato wedges would also do well. Shoe string fries will cause you nothing but disappointment as they fall through your grates unless you use a grill grid or mesh grilling basket.

To grill frozen french fries: Set up your grill for medium high heat with an indirect heat zone.

de-frosting frozen french fries on the grill

Step 1 De-frosting:

Once the grill is preheated place your frozen fries onto the indirect zone for de-frosting. Cover the grill and let them sit for at least 5 minutes. After 5 minutes to see how defrosted they are you will need to check for flexibility.

Using your tongs grab an end of one of the larger fries and attempt to bend it. If the fry is stiff it is not fully defrosted yet. If not defrosted let them go for another 2 to 3 minutes and check again. Once the fries a fully defrosted move to step 2.

Our Video:

How to Grill Frozen French Fries

While your fries are de-frosting place a pan over the direct heat add 1/4 stick of butter and 2 heaping tablespoons of minced garlic. Stir the butter occasionally as it melts to mix it with the garlic.

pan of garlic butter on the grill

Step 2 The Grilling:

Now that your fries are defrosted move them over the direct heat. From here they will cook quickly. Check after 3 minutes by turning one of the fries in the middle over. If they are ready to be turned you will see a golden brown color, if you do turn the rest of them over.

The Sultan Says:
When grilling French Fries don’t walk away the small ones will burn quickly!

Rotate some of the fries while you are turning them from the outside to the middle and the middle to the outside for more even cooking. Grill for another 3 minutes or for about as long as you grilled the first side.

finished grilled frozen french fries

If your butter is fully melted remove the pan from the grill. If not move to the indirect zone.

Step 3 The Big Finish:  

Sprinkle some of the parmesan cheese into the pan with your garlic butter and place back onto the grill. Remove the cooked fries from the grill and place them right into the garlic butter pan. Once all the fries are in stir or toss until all the fries are coated in the garlic butter.

Remove the pan from the grill. Sprinkle some more cheese onto the fries and stir again the place the fries onto a plate or bowl. Sprinkle with cheese one more time and serve immediately.

When you grill frozen french fries they turn out crispy and surprisingly delicious. The garlic sauce will make them soggy quickly so eat them fast.

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How to Grill Frozen French Fries
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How to Grill Frozen French Fries
Can you grill frozen french fries? Yes, and they will turn out better than they do in your oven. First defrost with an indirect medium heat. Then grill over a direct medium-high heat. Grilling times will vary based on the style of fries.
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