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Unique and Different Things to Grill

This page is all of the articles we have written on grilling unique and different things. These are the things that we have grilled that don't fall into a meat or vegetable type section. It includes things such as pizza and quesadillas. We have learned these things through a lifetime of grilling, over 10 years of running the website and my experience working in food service.

eggs on the grill

How to grill an egg (with video)

Can you grill an egg? Sure you can. There are a couple of different ways to accomplish this besides placing a frying pan or grill griddle on your grates and cooking it the traditional method. Here we will cover how to grill an egg in its shell as well as a grilled fried egg. Grilling an egg the fried way is a great topper for a bacon cheese burger, I like it with a nice runny yolk. Click here for more.

how to grill popcorn

How to Grill Popcorn

Looking for something different to grill? How about some popcorn for a light snack. We will take you through the steps on how to grill popcorn and in this case we will be stepping it up a little by grilling garlic popcorn. If you are just looking to pop regular popcorn on your grill just omit the garlic from this. Click here for more.

quesadilla on the grill

How to make quesadillas on the grill (with video)

This is my go to meal when we have leftover beer can chicken. Grilling quesadillas is quick and easy and only requires 3 ingredients, tortilla's, shredded cheese and some kind of fully cooked meat in this case chicken. You can experiment with different meats and cheeses for a completely different experience this is just a very basic how to. Click here for more.

grilled donut

How to grill Donuts

Grilling donuts is something that I stumbled upon recently and I cannot believe we didn't think of it first. Grilling donuts is quick and easy to do and it will breath new life into those day old Krispy Kremes you have laying around. For this all you need doughnuts a spatula and a grill. Optionally once cooked you can add all the toppings you like to your doughnuts or use them as a bun for burgers or an ice cream sandwich. Click here for more.

pizza on the grill

How to Grill a Pizza Techniques

There are three basic techniques to cooking a pizza on the grill, which one you choose will most likely depend on the type of crust you prefer. We are not going to get into recipes here this is more of a how to. In all these techniques we will always be referring to pizza with uncooked dough to start.Click here for more.

totinos pizza on the grill

How to grill a Totinos frozen pizza (with video)

Grilling a frozen Totino's party pizza is quick and easy and the crust comes out very crispy. In my opinion it is better off the grill then out of the oven. Preheat your grill to 400 degrees. Turn down the gas to 50% or to medium medium-low heat. Click here for more.

pizza on the grill

Can You Grill Frozen Pizza?

Yes, grilling a frozen pizza will make for a crispy crust and will come out similar to a pizza cooked in a wood fired pizza oven. A simple tweak to the instructions provided on the pizza box will give you excellent results. Click here for more.

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