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How to Grill Popcorn

Looking for something different to grill? How about some popcorn for a light snack. We will take you through the steps on how to grill popcorn and in this case we will be stepping it up a little by grilling garlic popcorn. If you are just looking to pop regular popcorn on your grill just omit the garlic from this.

For this you will need:

grilled popcorn what you need

Aluminum foil-(preferably heavy duty)
Pan (for melting the butter)
Cooking oil (your choice)-3-tablespoons
Minced Garlic-1-tablespoon
Butter-The more the better
Salt-to taste

Preheat your grill to a medium high heat.

folding popcorn tinfoil

Step 1):
First we need to make a pouch out of the aluminum foil. Tear off a piece of foil about 18 to 20 inches long (2 - 10" pieces will work) and fold in half. Lift the top and cut 3 or 4 small slits in it with a knife. This piece will be your top. Now we need to fold the two sides over tightly, twice. 

Step 2): Place into the pouch your cooking oil and your popcorn seal the open end of the pouch then lightly shake to coat the kernals with oil.

popcorn foil packet on the grill

Step 3: Place the pan for melting your butter on the grill. Add a small amount butter and the other tablespoon of minced garlic. Stir as needed. Once the garlic has begun to brown add the rest of your butter.

Step 4:  Place the pouch directly over the heat if it begins to sizzle right away it is to hot. Occasionally lightly shake the pouch. It will be hot so remember to always use your tongs or grill gloves. Then wait for the magic to happen.

popcorn popping on grill

Once your popcorn starts popping begin to shake the pouch more frequently with your tongs and keep shaking until the popping slows. When that happens it is time to remove it from the heat.

If your butter is not ready: move it to the heat to finish melting it.

Finished grilled popcorn

Slit the top of your pouch, add the butter shake. You can serve the popcorn in the foil or dump into a bowl.

About the author: Mike is the owner of, a Certified Food Safety Professional and KCBS member.

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