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Tel-Tru New Barbecue Reset Thermometer

4theGrill has been around for 10 years now and in that time we have seen major innovations in digital barbecue thermometers and no changes in the standard smoker thermometer. Tel-tru has now changed that with their new reset smoker thermometer. Here we will attempt to answer any questions about these thermometers you may have.

Tel-Tru Reset Smoker Thermometer

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What is a reset thermometer? This thermometer has a set screw that can be loosened with a hex wrench to make re-calibration easier. They also have an extra thick mark on the dial face between the 210 and 215 degree mark to make boiling water calibration easier.

Can't I re-calibrate a regular smoker thermometer? Yes you can with some. However you are limited to how many times you can do it without damaging the thermometer.

teltru smoker thermometer reset instructions

How would I re-calibrate a reset thermometer?
Tel-Tru's complete instructions are shown in the picture above. In a nutshell you loosen the set screw 1/2 to a full turn. Place the thermometer tip into boiling water past the groove for 2 minutes. Set the dial in the boiling water zone that is marked and re-tighten the set screw.

How much longer will this type thermometer last? Tel-tru has an 8 tear warranty on this thermometer while their regular thermometers only carry a one year warranty.

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I am just a weekend pit master do I need the reset thermometer? No probably not, a standard Tel-tru thermometer will suit you just fine. These are designed with commercial use in mind. That said, if you like having the best equipment available it wouldn't hurt, and for the extra $12 the 8 year warranty will probably save you money in the long run.

Can I get the reset thermometer with the black face? At the moment there is only one dial face available for these. I am sure if the demand is there for them it will be coming.

I need a longer probe what stem lengths are available? The reset thermometers are currently available in 2.5, 4 and 6 inch stem lengths.

I would like a larger dial face can I get one with a 5 inch face? Currently these are only available with a 3 inch face.

I hope this answers the questions you have if not please e-mail us at

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