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Grilling Tips and Tricks

This page is all of the articles we have written on grilling tips and tricks that we have learned through a lifetime of grilling, over 10 years of running the website and my experience working in food service.

propane tank mounted under gas grill

How much propane is left in the tank? with Video If you grill with gas this a question you will have often. There is an easy way to measure how much gas is left in the tank. The most accurate way to gauge a 20lb propane tank is by weight so you will need a bathroom scale for this trick. The first thing you will need to do is to turn the gas off and disconnect the hose from the grill and remove the tank.  Click here for more.

ribs on the grill

How long do I cook it on the grill? How long do I grill (insert your food here), this is the most common question asked by new griller's. It's practically impossible to answer every grill is different and they all have different temperature zones. Click here for more.

lighting charcoal without fluid

How to Light Charcoal without Lighter Fluid or a Charcoal Chimney. So your getting ready to fire up the old charcoal grill and discover your out of lighter fluid. So you Google "How to light charcoal without lighter fluid". There is an easy solution Doritos. Yes those Doritos and no I am not kidding and believe it or not it works well.  Click here for more.

dirty grill grates

How to Clean Porcelain Coated Grill Grates

I have been asked a lot about cleaning this type of grill grate, while instructions vary from manufacturer to manufacturer they are basically the same. I have been told that one manufacturers instructions calls for cleaning your grids with only soap and water. Click here for more.

rib roast on rotisserie

Rotisserie Approximate Cooking Time Chart

All rotisserie cooking on your grill requires Medium-Hot indirect heat, and a drip pan. A large enough pan will provide the indirect heat for you. Fill pan ½ way with whatever you are going to baste the meat with and be sure that the liquid never runs dry through the cooking process. A dry drip pan that fills with grease will quickly turn into a 3-alarm fire ruining a good meal. Remember if unsure always use a meat thermometer and follow the USDA temperature guidelines. Click here for more.

Brisket in smoker

Basic Barbecue or Smoker Tips

I have done extensive reading online before even attempting to barbecue and found there is a ton of good information out there sometimes to much. First start with regular charcoal briquettes these provide a more consistent temperature Click here for more.

Chicken leg quarters on the grill

How to Grill : The Basics

Grilling as defined by Wikipedia: Grilling is a form of cooking that involves direct heat. Devices that grill are called grills. Just bought your first grill and do not know where to start? You have found the right article.  Click here for more.

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Spit rod comparison

How to Check the Diameter of your Spit Rod

So you need to purchase a new set of spit forks for your rotisserie and need to check your spit rods diameter. Here is a quick and easy way to check and compare spit rod diameters using things you probably have lying around your house. The smallest diameter spit rod is the 5/16 it is also the most common. Found in most universal rotisserie kits. Click here for more.

drip pan in gas grill

How to Grill With Indirect Heat

Grilling with indirect heat is very much like cooking in your kitchens oven. If you look in your oven when the heat is on you will notice that there are no direct flames on the bottom. This is what we want to accomplish inside your grill. This is the most effective way to grill larger foods such as whole chickens that would require constant attention if cooked over direct flame to prevent burning. Click here for more.

roast on grill rotisserieRotisserie Grilling Tips

Once you have your new grill rotisserie in place the fun begins, so here are a few tips to maximize your enjoyment of your rotisserie. The placement of your spit rod bushing is very important to your rotisseries performance. You want everything to rotate as freely as possible.  Click here for more.

bbq sauces

A Word on Barbecue Sauces

There are so many good barbecue sauces on the market today, but I don't know why anybody would attempt to make their own. I know, anytime I see a new sauce in the store I buy it and I always end up going back to my favorites. Click here for more.

Dirty stainless steel grill

How to Clean a Stainless Steel Grill Exterior

There are a lot of methods for cleaning stainless steel to be found on the Internet, we have tested many products on a very dirty grill. Following you will find a list of things that we have tried to cut a winters worth of grime, and the products that we have found that work the best. Click here for more.

rotisserie questions

Common Rotisserie Questions Answered On this page we answer common questions people have about their grill rotisseries. We will be using some of the actual e-mail questions and our replies that we have received over the years. We want you to enjoy the use of your new grill rotisserie even if you didn't purchase it here so please feel free to e-mail us any questions you may have. Click here for more.

Grill Marks

Grill Marks What Not To Do. Having trouble getting those great grill marks on your meat that the chefs on TV make look so easy to get? They make it look easy and you can get frustrated trying to duplicate them. For years I didn’t even try I blew them off as a presentation only thing, sometimes I would get them Click here for more.

winter grilling tips grill

Winter Grilling Tips If you are one of the many people who love grilling year round here are a few tips to make your winter grilling a little less of a challenge. If you are just cooking something quick like burgers most of this will not apply to you. Northern Ohio, where we are located, may not have the worst weather in the country but it can get pretty miserable at times. Click here for more.

propane tank

How long will my grills propane tank last? To begin to figure out how long your propane tank will last first we must consider the size of your propane tank. The average grills propane tank is a 20 pound tank that is supposed to supply 22,000 BTU's per pound. A typical tank holds 20 pounds of propane when full. So if we do the math here it’s 20 X 22,000 = 440,000 BTU’s for a full tank. Now if you divide 440,000 by the BTU’s of your grill. Click here for more.

gas grill safety

Gas Grill Safety Tips. Grill safety is something that you rarely think about because most of it is fairly basic. Grilling may even be safer then cooking indoors, however it is the greasy nature of the food cooked outdoors that will cause a most of your safety concerns. Click here for more.

meat prep for grilling

Preparing your Meats for Grilling While prepping meat for the grill you are faced with several options on how to prepare it. You may use one of them; none of them or all of them is purely a matter of taste. Different meats respond differently to different techniques. You will have to find what works best for you. I for one rarely even marinate steak; I will generally use the natural method. However, when it comes to those boneless skinless tasteless chicken breasts. Click here for more.

searing meat on the grill

How to Sear Meat on the Grill Searing meat seals in the juices and it is highly recommended for most every piece of meat that you will grill. The basics of searing are fairly easy: you place your meat over high heat for a very short period of time to seal it. Then you flip it to the other side this traps the juices inside of the meat. This is also the part that will get you those professional looking grill marks. Click here for more.


Greener Grilling Charcoal vs. Propane While researching this article on Greener Grilling I was surprised to find that there is no clear-cut winner in the charcoal verses propane environmental impact debate. The good news for grillers is that grills are only responsible for .001% of the greenhouse gasses emitted by the U.S.A. So you can still grill with your preference without guilt.  Click here for more.

thermometer in chicken

USDA Food Temperature Guidelines The USDA has set standards to establish the safe minimum cooking temperatures for most meats to prevent food borne illness. With all the product recalls recently and the E. coli concerns nowadays, most people prefer their food thoroughly cooked. The only way to be 100% sure that the food is done thoroughly is to use a good thermometer.  Click here for more.

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