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How to Grill Beef

Beef was born to be grilled so this is the page dedicated to grilling all things beef. We touch on different types of beef, seasoning your steaks as well as how to grill a perfect steak. Also at the bottom of this page you will also find a handy how long to grill the different cuts of beef.

The perfectly grilled steak

How to Grill The Perfect Steak.

The new rule of thumb for seasoning your steak is to season them 40 minutes before you grill. When adding salt it will first draw moisture out of the steak then break down and within 40 minutes absorb back into the meat moisture and all (thank you Alton Brown). When seasoning good steaks all that is required is a dusting of salt and pepper Click here for more.

The perfectly grilled filet mignon

How to Grill Filet Mignon

We know that some people have a fear of grilling this particular cut of beef, this fear of ruining an expensive filet mignon will keep people from even attempting to cook it. While the filet is possibly the touchiest cut of steak to cook, due to the lack of flavor adding fat, this simple grilling technique should minimize your fears while maximizing the flavor. Click here for more.

grilled new york strip steak

How to Grill a New York Strip Steak

A New York strip steak is a cut of beef from the short loin of a cow is actually the larger side of the T-bone. Typically it is easy to find a well marbled cut of strip steak making for a delicious grilled steak option. A common misconception about this cut is that it is tough, a tough strip steak is an over cooked strip steak. When selecting a New York strip to grill remember that thicker is better. A thicker cut steak takes longer to cook which allows for a larger margin of error when grilling. Click here for more.

The perfectly grilled burger

How to Grill Burgers.

All Hail the Almighty Burger: Everyone loves a good burger, not only is it the most American of all foods, when done properly it is one of the most delicious foods you will ever eat. Widely available in every shape, size, and price range imaginable, it is the most versatile of all of the grilled meats. You can make the humble hamburger into a gourmet meal in a few easy steps. Click here for more.

The perfectly grilled hot dogs

How to Grill Hot Dogs.

Hot Dogs Not Just for Breakfast Anymore. When I began this page I thought how am I going to write a whole page on grilling hot dogs? Not only is this page a lot longer then I ever thought it would be I could probably write another entire page on the subject. Click here for more.

angus cow

Angus vs Regular Beef

Whats the difference between Angus and regular beef? So besides the price is there really a difference between Angus and regular beef? This seems to be a highly debated topic online and this answer will not sway the issue. My answer is sometimes.Click here for more.

Approximate Beef grilling time chart

  Steak on the grill

Hamburger seared then medium heat Sear for 1 minute per side Rare: Four minutes per side. Medium: Five minutes per side Well: Six minutes per side Note: the USDA recommends that all ground meat be cooked to 160 degrees or well done.

Tender Steak (Strip, T-bone, Ribeye, Sirloin .25 thick) seared then medium heat Sear for 1 minute per side Rare: 5 minutes per side, 145 Medium: 6 minutes per side, 160 Well: 7 minutes per side, 170

Beef Kabobs over medium heat Two minutes per side. These have 4 sides for a total of 8 minutes.

Rib Roast seared then over medium heat, covered Sear for 1 minute per side Rare: 15 minutes per pound, 145 Medium: 18 minutes per pound, 160

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