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How to Use Grilling Equipment

How to use grilling equipment our specialty here at 4thegrill. We find use and sell all sorts of grilling and barbecue tools. When we receive them we get to play with them and figure out how to best use and take care of them.

tel-tru BQ300 black

How to calibrate a barbecue thermometer (with video)

Barbecue thermometers need to be calibrated at a minimum of once a year and more often the more they are used. Up to once a day for food establishments that use and abuse them frequently. Also if your thermometer is dropped or bounced around at all it will need to be calibrated again. Click here.

tel tru barbecue reset thermometer

Tel-Tru Thermometer Buyers Guide 2017

This year Tel-Tru has redone their barbecue thermometer buyers guide to help you make an informed decision before purchasing that new smoker thermometer. Why purchase a Tel-Tru thermometer? We have been selling barbecue and grill thermometers for 10 years now and we have found that Tel-Tru is the cream of the crop when it comes to analog thermometers. Click here for more.

large custom spit rod

Where to find Large Custom Spit Rods

We get asked all the time for either extra long or large diameter spit rods for fire pits or cooking whole hogs. The only thing we can really recommend is finding some 304 stainless steel rod stock. Rod stock is readily available either from a local machine shop or online and can be used as is or it can be modified by a local machine shop. Click here for more.

dirty grill grates

How to Clean Porcelain Coated Grill Grates

I have been asked a lot about cleaning this type of grill grate, while instructions vary from manufacturer to manufacturer they are basically the same. I have been told that one manufacturers instructions calls for cleaning your grids with only soap and water. Click here for more.

Dirty stainless steel grill

How to Clean a Stainless Steel Grill Exterior

There are a lot of methods for cleaning stainless steel to be found on the Internet, we have tested many products on a very dirty grill. Following you will find a list of things that we have tried to cut a winters worth of grime, and the products that we have found that work the best. Click here for more.

mounting a gas grill rotisserieStep by Step Mounting Your Rotisserie

So you have just purchased your first rotisserie for your grill and you have never mounted on before. This is a handy step by step how to guide to ease you through the process. It will take a little time but once you get the initial rotisserie step up correctly you can enjoy a lot of hands free grilling. Click here for more.

stainless gas grillGrill Type Comparison

The 4 basic grill types are Gas, Charcoal, Electric and Infrared. An "indoor counter top grill" is NOT a Grill! Some punch drunk boxer told Americans to stick their meats directly into a waffle iron and people listened and purchased millions. Gas grills: are the most common grill type. Click here for more.

grill cleaning

Gas Grill Cleaning.

I am one who grills year round I just do not clean out the body during the long cold winter months. Generally speaking I clean my grill thoroughly, inside and out five times a year early in spring, through the summer as needed, and once in late fall. Click here for more.

cast iron pans on grill

Care of Cast Iron Cookware

When you first get a piece of cast iron cookware it should be cleaned with soapy water (this is the only time soap should be used on it) and a stiff plastic bristle brush (recommended) then rinsed. If you dry the cookware with a towel it may discolor the towel, this is normal. Click here for more.

Gaswatch propane gauge

GasWatch Propane Gauge Instructions.

These are the manufactures instructions for the Gaswatch inline propane tank gauges. Tired of running out of gas in the middle of a barbecue? Not any more with GasWatch! With this incredibly handy device, you can visually see how much propane is left in your tank! Click here for more.

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