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How To Grill -

In this section you will find links to the sub-sections that will teach you everything you need to know about grilling. These are all the lessons we have learned through a lifetime of grilling, over 10 years of running the 4theGrill.com website and my experience working in food service. These are an accumulation of all of our blog posts through the years broken down into easily referenced sections. So sit back learn a little then go out and light up the grill and relax and enjoy life for a little while.

charcoal lighting

Grilling Tips and Tricks

In this section we share all kinds of grilling tips and tricks learned through the years. Including how to light your charcoal without lighter fluid and how to clean your grill. Click here.

steaks on the grill

How to Grill Beef

Beef was born to be grilled so this is the page dedicated to grilling all things beef. We touch on different types of beef, seasoning your steaks as well as how to grill a perfect steak. Also at the bottom of this page you will also find a handy how long to grill the different cuts of beef. Click here.

ribs on the grill

How to Grill Pork

Pork and your grill can create a very magical combination. Here we cover how to grill everything from ribs and bacon to whole pork tenderloins. Click here.

crab legs on the grill

How to Grill Seafood

Our most popular article on how to grill crab legs can be found here. There are oceans full different seafood's to toss on the grill we only scratch the surface in this section. Click here.

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beer can chicken

How to Grill Chicken

From Beer can chicken to wings, breasts and thighs chicken has become the most popular food in America. This page will teach you how to grill everything chicken. Click here.

turkey on the grill

How to Grill Turkey

Whole turkey on the grill for thanksgiving or maybe just some turkey bacon to top your turkey burgers. On this page will teach you how to grill everything turkey. Click here.

asparagus on the grill

How to Grill Vegetables

Vegetables are one of the simplest things to cook on your grill. When in doubt coat with olive oil season with salt and pepper and grill over medium high heat. On this page we cover the basics like potatoes, asparagus, and corn as well as some odd ball items such as brussle sprouts.Click here.

charcoal chimney

How to use your grilling equipment

This is our specialty here at 4theGrill. We find use and sell all sorts of grilling and barbecue tools. When we receive them we get to play with them and figure out how to best use and take care of them. Click here.

Weber Spirit e210

Grilling Product Reviews

This page consists of links to all of the grilling products we have reviewed. We try to be fair and unbiased with all of our reviews. We know you do not need to have all of these gadgets but they are great to have when they work well. We will do not want endorse a product that you will be disappointed in. Click here.

pizza on the grill

Unique and Different Things to Grill.

This page is all of the articles we have written on grilling unique and different things. These are the things that we have grilled that don't fall into a meat or vegetable type section. It includes things such as pizza and quesadillas. We have learned these things through a lifetime of grilling, over 10 years of running the 4theGrill.com website and my experience working in food service. Click here for more.

chicken on charcoal

How to Grill with Charcoal

Believe it or not too much charcoal smoke can be a bad thing and add a bitter taste to your food. When you first get your charcoal lit you will notice a heavy gray smoke eventually that will turn into just a wisp of light gray smoke. Click here for more.

gas grill heat zones

How to Grill with Gas With most of the things you will cook on your gas grill temperature control is key. As long as your gas grill has at least two gas control knobs you can control the temperature while it may not be exact and get a pretty close temperature control. Just by adjusting the gas and placement of your food. Click here for more.

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