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Kettle Grill Covers

Kettle Grill Covers

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Charcoal Kettle Grill Cover Cover
29Dx30L inches
Black Eco-Tech Material
Price: $19.99 Sale Price: $9.50

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A kettle grill cover will protect your kettle grill or round water smoker from the elements year round. These grill covers vary in size as well as materials. Different climates require different types of grill covers. In the south they require more of a dust cover that will just keep rain and dirt off. The thinner plastic coated covers will work for them. Northern climates require covers that will protect in high winds, low temperatures as well as heavy snowfalls. So a thicker heavier cover that will not freeze and crack is required there.

How to Measure Your Kettle Grill:

Measuring your round kettle grill or water smoker is very easy. Take the cover off and measure across the top as shown below. Most kettle grills use the 27 inch covers, but recently odder sizes have been appearing on the market.


Measure your kettle grill or round smoker

Covers are listed with by the actual diameter of the cover so be sure to take into account your handles when purchasing.