Grill Press

A grill press sometimes referred to as a steak weight or burger press, is made from cast iron and typically has a wood handle. The grill press is heated on the grill and then placed on top of the food to speed the cooking process by cooking you food from both sides.

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Grill Press
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How to use a grill press:

I have seen people use bricks wrapped in tin foil to simulate what a Grill Press does, while effective I do not know to many people that want bricks placed on their food.

How to use a grill press is one of those things that once you become comfortable with that you will use constantly and invent new uses for.

Since most of these are made of cast iron it needs to be cared for like any other piece of cast iron cookware. After the press is properly seasoned it is ready for use, here is a link to our article on care of cast iron grillware. Before each use wipe off any of the excess oil that may be left on it from storage.

Place your grill press on your grill directly over the heat, and then pre-heat the grill. Once the grill has achieved the desired temperature, move the press off to the side or onto an upper rack.

Be sure to use a grill glove or a hot pad at all times when touching the hot grill press. That handle will become hot especially when the grill lid is closed.

how to use a grill press

Place your food on the grill and place the press on top and cook as you normally would with the exception of the time spent on the grill.

One of the main things to keep in mind when learning how to use a grill press is not to use it when cooking delicate items such as fish fillets or loosely packed hamburgers. The weight of the press may push it through the grill gates.

When flipping your food simply set the press off to the side directly on the grate. Use caution when grilling something that puts off a lot of grease, the bottom of the press will be coated in grease so do not place it directly over the flame.

Since your food is being compressed and cooked from both sides your grilling times will be cut by between 25 and 30% so adjust you cooking times accordingly.

When you use this technique for the first few times be sure to use your thermometer to check for the proper temperature.

When you are finished cooking allow the press to cool on the grill surface while the grill cools, and then it can be cleaned with a stiff brush and hot water. When it has dried coat the metal with cooking oil before storing. Do not use a grill brush to clean the surface of your press, if you do it will need to be re-seasoned before the next use.

That is all there is to know about, how to use a grill press.

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