Rolling Grill Basket Review with Video

The BBQ Dragon Rolling Grill Basket review came about when they stumbled upon our YouTube channel. They got in contact with us and wanted us to post an honest review of the product so here goes:

The rolling grill basket is a fresh new take on a grill basket. While a typical grill basket is flat, this one is a cylinder. The theory is just toss in the food you want to grill and roll it around to turn it. This innovative new concept is brought to you by BBQ Dragon. They make a lot of unique grilling products that are worth checking out here.

Our first impressions: This grill basket is larger than anticipated. At 13.5 long and 5.75 wide. You could grill a small chicken in this thing, if you wanted to. The outside of the basket is made with a thick stainless steel that should allow for more even cooking. The piano hinge runs the entire length of the basket and looks to be very sturdy. To hold it closed there are a pair of tabs that lock into hole on the opposite sides.

While the inside looks smooth the edges of the square holes provide some texture that should help spin the food when turned.


Grilling with it:

We start our grill basket review with a simple hot dog test over charcoal. My theory here is to see how evenly the dogs get color and is it on all sides. We threw in an entire pack of hot dogs locked it up with a smack to the top to lock it. Then let it cook while occasionally turning it with our tongs and shaking the basket. It passed our test with flying colors. All but a single dog showed browning or burnt spots on multiple sides.

opening the bbq dragon grill basket review

Thoughts after our first cook: It is hard to judge the doneness of your food through the small holes in the basket. It’s not wise to try to push down on those hot metal tabs to get the basket open so we had to figure something else out. We found by sliding a knife or spatula into the seam of the basket and twisting it popped right open.

Next up a bag of frozen mixed vegetables and potatoes. I just opened the bag and dumped it into the basket and threw it on our grill. This one turned into a nightmare that wasn’t the baskets fault, because I over cooked it. The potatoes turned to mush, and stuck to everything, making one heck of a mess on the inside of the basket.

Clean Up:

Cleaning that mess out of the basket was not quite the chore I thought it would be. I let the Rolling grill basket soak in hot soapy water (it fit open in our sink) and hit it with a scrubber sponge and it cleaned right up.

We also used the basket to grill those little yellow potatoes (25 minutes direct medium low heat) and asparagus (15 minutes direct medium heat), separately on our gas grill. We did need to remove our upper rack for the basket to fit. It did a great job grilling both. It turns out the basket doesn’t really affect your cooking times much, both were fully cooked right when I expected them to be.

BBQ Dragon Rolling Grill Basket

Purchase directly from BBQ Dragon here.


The Bottom Line of our Rolling Grill Basket Review:

Also available on Amazon Here.

This is a great grill basket for grilling those smaller items. Not only can it replace your grill basket you can also use it in place of a grill wok or any flat grill topper really. It is so well built it will last you a lifetime. At first I was hard pressed for ideas of what to cook in it but now, I have a bunch of things I want to try, like chicken fajitas with everything in the basket at once and french fries.

So why not 5 stars? It’s the lack of instructions. Like most grilling tools there are no instructions on or in the package you are left to figure things out on your own. That being said: hopefully this page and our video will help you figure those things out.


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