Long Universal Gas Grill Rotisserie Kit 45 Inch OneGrill


Long Universal Gas Grill Rotisserie Kit 45 Inch OneGrill


The 45 inch long universal gas grill rotisserie kit is ideal for gas grills that are 39 inches wide or smaller. This will not work on newer Weber grills.

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The long universal gas grill rotisserie kit has a 45 inch long, 5/16 one piece spit rod and a 40 pound capacity rotisserie motor. This universal fit rotisserie has a chrome plated steel spitĀ  and hardware with a premium quality molded handle. Features a highly adjustable counter balance weight system. Universal mounting brackets are included.

The 45 inch long universal gas grill rotisserie kit is ideal for gas grills that are 39 inches wide or smaller. This will not work on newer Weber grills.

Here are links to several PDF files that will help you determine if this is the correct rotisserie for your grill.

Onegrill Universal Rotisserie Instructions

Onegrill Rotisserie Fit Guide

Onegrill Mounting Bracket pdf (can be printed and held up to mounting holes on grill)


Fully adjustable 4 prong forks.

Fully adjustable counterweight.

High quality plastic handle.

Heavy gauge forks.

5/16 Square Spit Rod length is 1135 mm or 45 3/8 inches long

Description from the manufacturer:

The perfect add on accessory to your popular sized grill. This universal grill rotisserie kit comes complete with all of the components to finish your rotisserie application. Featuring our industry leading Stainless Steel Grill Rotisserie Motor capable of turning loads up to 50 pounds*; you won’t find a kit with a more powerful and reliable motor.

With double chrome plated components including: a 45″ X 5/16″ rotisserie spit rod, universal rotisserie mounting brackets, a set (2) four prong offset rotisserie spit forks, a fully adjustable counterbalance system, an adjustable ride bushing, and premium insulated handle.

Please note that the total length of the included spit rod is 45″ long and is generally ideal for applications up to 39″. As a general guideline, the motor featured in this kit has a larger maximum weight capacity than is recommended for this rod gauge; for best results do not exceed 15 pounds to avoid excessive spit rod deflection.

How much weight will this kit rotisserie?

All of our kits feature several variations that will determine weight capacity. Although 1 piece of the kit may carry a heavier weight capacity than the rest, generally the lowest weight capacity item should be used to determine the overall weight capacity of the kit. Please keep in mind that weight capacity is completely subjective as several factors outside of the rotisserie kits control will play a factor in totaling a capacity. This includes the horizontal and vertical distribution of the weight, what animal is to be cooked, and how the animal is fastened. As the length of the spit rod increases so does the opportunity for deflection. Please consider all of these variables. Below are general guidelines for the weight capacities of our spit rod sizes and motors. These values are conservative; as you become more experienced at balancing your load you will be able to better maximize on these values and reach their true potential. You will notice in many items higher quoted maximums. These are achievable through practice and growing confidence and understanding of the importance of load balancing.

5/16″ Square: 0-15 pounds
1/2″ Hexagon: 0-30 pounds
5/8″ Hexagon: 0-60 pounds
Cordless Motors: 0-20 pounds
Standard Electric Motors: 0-50 pounds

Additional information

Weight6.1 lbs
Dimensions48 × 6 × 6 in









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