B2Q Chimney Starter 5 lb Capacity 76956


B2Q Chimney Starter 5 lb Capacity 76956


B2Q Chimney Starter with Zinc finish, hardwood handle with heat shield. 5 lb Capacity. This chimney starter is 11 inches tall by 11 inches wide


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The tube  of this charcoal chimney is approximately 6.75 in diameter. The 6 inch long handle sits 4 inches away from the body and has a metal heat shield to protect your hands from the radiant heat given off by the lit charcoal.

To use the B2Q Chimney Starter:

  1. Remove labels from product
  2. Place crumpled newspaper in bottom of chimney
  3. Place chimney on the center of charcoal grate
  4. Fill chimney with charcoal
  5. Light crumpled newspaper through holes in bottom of chimney
  6. Allow coals to heat for 10-15 minutes
  7. Use caution when pouring hot coals into grill
  8. Allow the B2Q chimney starter to cool before placing in a safe non-combustible area away from children.

Learn how to light a charcoal chimney on a windy day.

Caution waring from Package:

The B2Q Chimney Starter is for outdoor use only. Use this product only as directed. Do not use lighter fluid, gasoline or instant lighting briquettes with this product.

Zinc Finish
Hardwood handle, with heat shield
Holds up to 5 pounds of charcoal

Additional information

Weight4.2 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 10 in







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