Round Bamboo Skewers 10 Inch 100 Pack



Round Bamboo Skewers 10 Inch 100 Pack


Enjoy tasty shish kebab with these 10″ round bamboo skewers! These skewers are crafted with natural, earth-friendly material that won’t taint the taste of your meats and veggies.

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Included in this package are 100 – 10″ round bamboo skewers, which makes them perfect for company parties or to use throughout the summer. Bamboo is a grass that is naturally replenished making it a more eco-friendly alternative than wood or metal skewers.

Pointed ends make these skewers easy to insert into even the most delicate of food like shrimp or cherry tomatoes. To prevent the handle end of your skewer from burning: place a piece of tinfoil on your grill to keep them protected from the flame. Or you can wrap the ends in tinfoil as well.

Crafted with natural earth-friendly materials
Great for barbecues or grills
Dimensions: 10 inch length

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