Barbecue Spatula Rosewood Collection Outset


Barbecue Spatula Rosewood Collection Outset


21 Inches Long

Serrated Blade

In stock


The spatula from the rosewood collection by Outset is 21 inches long and features a serrated edge on one side of the spatula blade. The rosewood handle is grooved for your fingers to provide you with a comfortable grip.

The accustomed griller will be primed to barbecue with this traditional and dependable spatula. A part of an extended family of tools, this essential tool is down to earth and projects great style. The ergonomic rosewood handle provides optimal comfort and control while the stainless steel construction harnesses impeccable durability. Extended selection of matching accessories available.
Key Features
21 inch
Stainless steel construction
Fine rosewood handle


Additional information

Weight1.3 lbs
Dimensions20 × 4 × 4 in







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