Beer Can Chicken Holder Stand Basic


Beer Can Chicken Holder Stand Basic


Holds most 12 ounce cans

Large feet for added stability


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A beer can chicken holder stand adds stability to the vertical standing top heavy bird so it will not fall over. If you haven’t grilled a beer can chicken your missing out on a real treat. The prep is quick and easy and the end result is a fantastic moist and juicy chicken. This stand is made with heavy gauge chrome plated steel wire with extra large feet to hold even a very large bird. It can also be used in the oven

If you are new to beer can chicken or looking to grill a bunch at one time, this is a great basic beer can chicken holder stand, nothing fancy here just functional.

You do not need to use beer any non-sugary liquid will do, we do suggest adding something that will smell good while cooking, like garlic.

To use: Just set your half full can into the circular holder in the center of the beer can chicken holder and slide your whole chicken down on top of it and place on your grill off of the heat. Do not force your chicken down over the first ring of this stand or it will be a real pain to remove it. For best results spray the stand with a non-stick cooking spray before use and use a small drip pan to catch the drippings.

Making a beer can chicken can be as easy or complex as you want it to be, there is even an entire book on the subject. Regardless of what recipe or flavor combinations you use the bird will come out as tender and juicy as any chicken you have ever had.

When giving this as a gift be sure to include a full beer and some poultry seasoning, to make it a beer can chicken starter kit!

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