Campfire Popcorn Popper


Campfire Popcorn Popper


The campfire popcorn popper by Mr. Bar-B-Q is great for making popcorn outdoors. It can be used not only over a campfire but your backyard fire pit or even your grill.

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The campfire popcorn popper has a solid bottom nonstick coated popping box with vent holes on the top to release the steam. The lid securely snaps into place but can be opened easily with one hand, use hand protection when hot though. The large cooking chamber will make enough popcorn for he whole family at once.

This popcorn popper has an 19 inch extra long handle with hardwood grip. To keep you away from the heat. The handle folds down for storage. Overall length is 28 inches. The cooking chamber is 9.25 x 7 x 2.75 inches.

Warning: This will get hot when in use. Always use hand protection when handling the hot popper.

Campfire Popcorn Popper Features:

28 inches Long

The handle folds down for storage

Non-stick Coated

Locking lid

Mr Bar-B-Q Item number 08609yfs

UPC: 07690386090

Additional information

Weight2.6 lbs
Dimensions26 × 12 × 6 in

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