Campfire Rotisserie Kit AC 45 inch Economy OneGrill


Campfire Rotisserie Kit AC 45 inch Economy OneGrill


The campfire rotisserie kit AC economy has a 40-pound capacity AC motor and a 45 inch spit rod. It can be used over any campfire or fire pit up to 39  inches.

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The campfire rotisserie has a height that is fully adjustable. High quality chrome plated rotisserie spit set is made from Hex stock. Has a premium quality molded handle. Features a highly adjustable counter balance weight system.

Heavy duty spit forks. Has a solid stainless outboard support unit which features height adjustment. The main support post is also solid stainless steel.

Battery operated version pictured


Heavy Duty 1/2 inch wide 45 inch long Hex Stock Spit.
Fully adjustable heavy duty forks.
Fully adjustable counterweight.
High quality plastic handle.
Reduced on one end to standard Drive 5/16 Square
Use on any campfire or fire pit.
Height adjustment.

12mm Hex Stock or .470 across flats
45 Inches Long
Product Weight 15 Pounds
Spit rod Weighs 3 pounds
Maximum spacing of forks 36 inches
Maximum spacing of support posts 39 inches
Maximum load 35 pounds balanced

This item drop-ships from Cincinnati Ohio and typically ships in 2 to 3 days</p

Additional information

Weight16 lbs
Dimensions48 × 6 × 6 in







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