Charcoal Kettle Grill Cover 29 x 30 Inch


Charcoal Kettle Grill Cover 29 x 30 Inch


30 x 29 Inches


100% PVC free

Dual Layer

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The Charcoal Kettle Grill Cover is 30 inches long and 29 inches in diameter. Water resistant exterior layer and soft lining helps strengthen and protect. This grill cover is designed to fit round kettle style charcoal grills but it will also fit square charcoal grills as well.  To secure the Kettle Grill Cover to your grill this item features and elastic band at the bottom.

Kettle Grill Cover Features

The Eco-tech material is 100% PVC free.

Dual-function layers for added strength & weather resistance.

Specially coated for enhanced water protection.

Material resists extreme temperatures.

Protects your property from dirt, dust, pollen, sap & rain.

Sturdy elastic attachment holds cover in place

Kettle type grills come in a couple of sizes and to ensure that this cover will fit  we suggest that you measure your grill.

How to measure for proper fit of your kettle grill cover:

Remove the grill lid. Measure from the middle of the handle across the grates to the edge of your grills body. This measurement will give you the width you want your new kettle grill cover to be slightly larger than that measurement.

To measure for length: Place the lid back onto the grill. You will want to measure from the handle to the ground. The simplest way to achieve this is by holding something like a yardstick onto the handle and measuring to the ground from that. However, most kettle grill covers are not going to reach the ground anyway so you can get away with a ballpark measurement on this one.

This kettle grill cover has an elastic band around the bottom which is not the best design for grills with pyramid shaped legs. It will ride up especially if the wind is blowing. Ideally the cover should be long enough to tuck under the feet or wheels of your grill. If not you could always wrap something around the bottom part of the legs to act as a ledge to grab the bottom of your grill cover.

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