Chrome Barbecue Skewers 15 inch Set of 4



Chrome Barbecue Skewers 15 inch Set of 4


The 15 inch chrome plated barbecue skewers by Mr. Bar-b-q are a good utility kabob skewer the square shaft help keep the food from turning.


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The metal barbecue skewers handle end is looped to make turning and picking them up easy. Four skewers in this package. To pick these up off the grill you can use an extra skewer or butter knife and slide it right through the looped end of the skewer and pick all your kabob up at the same time.

Metal skewers get hot when grilling, always use hand protection when handling them. The pointed end is sharp so use caution when skewering your food.

So is it kabob or kebab? More or less both words refer to the same thing, a skewered piece of meat. In the US we use kabob while the rest of the world uses kebab.

For a good simple kabob: just skewer up some pork and pineapple chunks. These two flavors blend really well together and grill up in just a few minutes.

Cleaning: Hand washing these skewers is recommended. Harsh detergents or scrubbers will damage the chrome finish.

These 15 inch skewers are packed in a convenient 4 pack

Chrome Plated
15 Inches long
Looped handle end

Additional information

Weight0.6 lbs
Dimensions18 × 4 × 2 in

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