Egg Grilling Boats Non-Stick Pair Outset


Egg Grilling Boats Non-Stick Pair Outset


Set of 2
individual non-stick pans make perfectly shaped eggs
non-stick coating provides for easy removal of egg
also great for desserts, biscuits, and more

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What could you possibly do with an egg grilling boat? Believe it or not a fried egg makes a great burger topping, I prefer a nice runny yolk on mine. Or you could make some breakfast but that is boring. Your not stuck using them for eggs either I can see tossing mushrooms, onions and butter in one just to top off my steak. The egg grilling boats are small single serving type grill topper but they are sold in pairs so you can do two different things at one time.

The chromed steel handles and non-stick coating of egg grilling boats, provides for easy removal of egg Individual non-stick pans make perfectly shaped eggs for burgers or sandwiches Stackable for easy storage Also great for desserts, biscuits, and more.

The little u-shaped chrome plated handle looks like it is perfect for picking up with your tongs securely. They are small enough that the contents should pour right out with the flip of your wrist. The U will also allow you to hang them for storage if you want.

Egg grilling tip: Even with the non-stick coating if you heat the egg to hot and to fast it will stick. So start in an area off the direct heat and adjust it as needed.

Egg grilling boats eliminate trips to the kitchen and let you keep everything on the grill. With the premium non-stick design the eggs slide right out and onto your plate!

4.25D x 1.25” H,
handle is 3.25” H

Care of your egg grilling boat
Use a light coat of cooking spray for best results, Do not use sharp utensils as this may damage the non-stick coating, Hand wash and towel dry only.

It looks like someone read our post or watched our youtube video on how to grill eggs and built a better mousetrap,

As with any grill topper the metal of the egg grilling boats will get hot when in use. Always use tongs, spatula or some sort of hand protection when they are in use. Consider placing the contents right onto a plate when removing from the grill and leave the topper on the grill to cool before washing.

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Weight1.1 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in







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