Telescoping Marshmallow Fork Pair


Telescoping Marshmallow Fork Pair


Great for cooking over campfires or even your outdoor fire pit these telescoping marshmallow fork can be used for cooking just about anything you can skewer.

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The telescoping marshmallow forks are chrome plated steel wires that are 22 inches long when collapsed and they telescope to a full 28 inches long when extended fully. Plenty long enough to keep you away from the heat. The 4.5 inch plastic handle will protect your hands while giving you a sure grip.

When cooking hot dogs over a fire with the telescoping marshmallow fork we suggest skewering from the sides and not the ends. You can still fit 2 dogs on the ends of the forks and it provides additional support to keep them from breaking in half.

22 up to 28 inches long
Finger Grip Handle
2 Prong Design

Looking to do something a little different over your campfire?

Try using your telescoping marshmallow fork to toast a piece of pound cake then drizzling with a strawberry syrup for a gourmet dessert.

You can use your telescoping marshmallow fork over a campfire, grill, fireplace or you backyard fire pit. They are a great outdoor cooking tool for when your family is gathered around an outdoor fire.

The ends of these forks are pointed so they should be kept away from small children and general horseplay to prevent injury.  A small piece of cardboard folded in half and taped around the center will make a nice protective cover for the prongs when storing or transporting them.

While the length and the plastic handles in most cases will protect you from the heat the metal wires under some circumstances may get hot. Always proceed with caution when you are using metal tools around an open flame.

These are washable and completely reusable.The ends of the telescoping marshmallow fork should be hand washed with soap and water, never use metallic scrubbers on this product.

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Weight1.4 lbs
Dimensions24 × 4 × 4 in

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