Flexible Grilling Skewers Flex Kabob Pair


Flexible Grilling Skewers Flex Kabob Pair


29 inches long

set of 2

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The flex kabob flexible grilling skewers not only allows you to grill excellent food but will provide you with more room to grill. At 29 inches long they can handle up to 3 times more food than your typical kabob skewer can. The stainless steel wire design on these flexible grilling skewers makes them very versatile and easy to store.

On one end of these flexible grilling skewers has a food piercing probe that can penetrate even the toughest of meats. The other end has a loop for easy turning and moving of the skewer. You can simply lift it up with your tongs or protected hand twist and set back down and your kabob are turned.

The flexible grilling skewers make for an impressive show while grilling for family or friends. Even removing and plating your dinner can become a show. To slide your food off of these easily it needs to be done in small segments. Slide a regular kitchen fork between pieces of food make sure your tines are straddling the wire and pull. Your food should slide right off.

Since the flexible grilling skewers are made from stainless steel they can last a lifetime if properly taken care of. To clean just wipe them down with soapy water and rinse. Roll them up and store them for another day.

Because the flexible grilling skewers are so long you can make many variations of kabob on the same skewer. Basic kabob typically consist of beef, peppers and onions. With this you can let you imagination run wild.

Celebrity chefs recommend placing all you veggies on one skewer and meat on another. This is for even grilling. With this you can stack all of it onto one skewer and place it on your grill in different temperature zones.  You would have to empty the skewer onto a central plate of bowl when finished.

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