Flip Tip Digital Instant Read Thermometer Maverick DT-13


Flip Tip Digital Instant Read Thermometer Maverick DT-13


The flip tip digital instant read thermometer has a thin probe that allows it to read the temperature of the thinnest cut of meat.

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The flip tip on this thermometer is convenient for placing into your pocket as well as for storage. Fast temperature readings from 32 up to 212 degrees and normal readings up to 428 degrees. This is a very user-friendly digital instant read thermometer for basic readings all you need to do is: push the button to open the probe, open it up and insert your probe into the food. In just a few seconds you will have an accurate reading.

The flip tip digital instant read thermometer has two temperature reading modes: Fast read and regular. When you insert the digital instant read thermometer probe into hot food it will beep to tell you it has selected fast read mode. It will stay in its fast read mode until the tip temperature has stabilized then it will automatically switch into normal mode. The instructions go into much more detail on this and how to force the digital instant read thermometer into whatever mode you need.

Features of the flip tip digital instant read thermometer

• Use for the oven or grill for perfect food every time!
• Spring action instant food thermometer
• Thin tip for faster and more accurate temperatures
• One button easily changes from Fahrenheit to Celsius
• Temperature range: 32 °F to 392 °F
• Fast temperature readings 32 °F to 212 °F
• Unit turns ON/OFF automatically when the probe is pivoted
• Temperature will be displayed in a few seconds
• Quick action button opens the unit for temperature
• Probe flips out straight for readings then folds back closed for easy storage
• Instructions Included
• 1 AAA Battery included

Here is a link to the instruction manual of the flip tip digital instant read thermometer.

To clean the flip tip  digital instant read thermometer:

Wipe the probe tip clean with a soapy sponge or towel rinse and let dry. Do not immerse the plastic body into water.

Made by Maverick Housewares Item number DT-13

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Dimensions8 × 6 × 2 in

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