Flip Tip Instant Read Meat Thermometer Charcoal Companion


Flip Tip Instant Read Meat Thermometer Charcoal Companion


The flip tip digital instant read meat thermometer has a folding probe that locks in place at multiple angles and folds flat for easy storage.

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This thermometer also includes a silicone depth gauge allowing for more consistent readings. The depth gauge is a silicone ring that slides up and down the probe but it fits tight enough to stay in position.

The front cover of this instant read meat thermometer has an impression for resting your thumb and allowing you to slide the cover on an off to replace the battery. The handle his wide for a good grip and it has a large, square easy to read LCD display. It will read an accurate temperature in 6 seconds. The thermometer probe rotates 180 degrees and locks into place.

Specs of the Flip Tip Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Uses 1 AAA battery not included
Length of probe is 4.33 inches; total length of product with probe, is 10.62 inches

Care instructions from package of the Flip Tip Instant Read Meat Thermometer:

Clean with a soft cloth, store away from direct sunlight and high humidity. If thermometer will not be used for an extended length of time remove battery for storage to avoid product damage.

Packaged in a clear clamshell package with colorful cardboard backing.

Around here we a major advocates of using an instant read meat thermometer, and we use one almost every time we grill. While the chefs on TV may press on their hands to demonstrate how to test the temperature I guess we are just not that nimble.  Any thermometer you start with will help you get better results almost instantly.

In most of the articles on this site there is reference to cooking temp or thermometer readings and that is for a reason. An instant read meat thermometer will pay for itself in the food that you do not ruin right away. When in doubt refer to this chart for the proper internal temps of your foods.

Adjustable-depth silicone depth gauge
Probe locks into the multiple angles
Probe closes flat for convenient storage
Monitors temperatures from -60-degrees F to 550 degrees F (51 degrees C to 288 degrees C)
Easily switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit with toggle button on back
Uses 1 AAA battery not included

Charcoal Companion CC4075


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