Grill Charms Meat Markers Set of 6


Grill Charms Meat Markers Set of 6


Grill Charms meat markers set of 6 by Outset item number GC105. Ever lost track of whose steak was whose while working the grill?

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Grill Charms meat markers will make this age old problem is a thing of the past! This set of 6 grill charms bears a variety of markings to differentiate how cooked each cut should be: R for rare, M for medium, W for well-done, plus the in-between steps. They have serrated edges to keep them firmly secured until you want them out, and are made of chromed zinc, keeping them completely safe to have in your steak, chicken, pork, fish, wildebeest, etc.

While grill charms meat markers are primarily used for steak or burgers then can easily be used for any meat you grill. Just mark your meat before it hits your grill by placing the meat marker into it. Then you know who’s is who’s. Just don’t try to pull them out by hand when hot, use a fork.

Grill Charms Meat Markers Key Features

Set of 6
Chromed zinc

UPC: 876824008467

Additional information

Weight.6 lbs
Dimensions8 × 4 × 4 in







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