Grill Station Food Marinating Storage Tray Charcoal Companion

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Grill Station Food Marinating Storage Tray Charcoal Companion


The grill station food marinating and storage tray by Charcoal Companion is a dual tray system that has a tray for raw food and one for cooked.


4.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
(1 customer review)

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The trays nest into one another and it has a lid for the top tray The grill stations raw tray is for marinating and cooked is for serving, it also includes one lid that fits both trays. You can put ice in the lower tray when it is not in use to keep food in the top tray cool. The grill station also features a snap on tool and beverage caddy so you only need to make one trip out to your grill.

The grill station is a product that we use around here all the time and have for at least 5 years. Anytime we are going to cook a large piece of meat or just a lot of chicken we bring it out.

Here are our thoughts on the grill station

There are 2 trays one has cooked printed on it and the other one says raw. Outside of the printing and the color they are identical. Each tray has some ridges on the bottom to keep the food from sitting flat on the bottom. We have never really paid attention to which tray we used for what.

Typically you will only be using one of theses trays at a time. 


When we use our grill station for marinating chicken it requires a lot of marinade because of the size. We will place our chicken in pour our marinade over it, put the white lid on and shake it up, to get decent coverage and if marinating for 24 hours we will repeat the shaking a few times to ensure penetration.

When used with large pieces of meat that are dry seasoned it is excellent.

We actually season the meat in the grill station because of the high sides to prevent spillage. Then just put the lid into place and refrigerate.

The lid is not like a Tupperware lid as it does not give you a tight seal. When we shake it we have to hold it into place but it is tight enough for overnight refrigeration.

When your ready to cook you just take the entire grill station out to the grill or smoker. Remove the lid and place the food onto the grill. If your on the go and need to keep your meat cool you can throw some ice into the extra tray and set the covered full tray on top to keep it cool until you get where you are going. Tip: We will lay the lid out with the inside up and use it as a work surface to remove the excess marinade.

The grill station also has a clip on tool holder for taking extra spices or adult beverages out to the grill with you.

While it seems useful at first it is just a little more trouble then it is worth. I have used it a couple of times but typically I just leave it inside. It is good for show if your having a party.


When it comes time to remove the food from the grill you will be using the other tray however, if your going to need the lid, that would have to be washed since there is only one. If you have cooked something that needs to be wrapped in foil and sit for a while to get up to temp, this is perfect for storing that. If you have cleaned the raw tray you can nest them and prevent the bottom from heating up while adding a layer of insulation.

I have sliced meat in this but because of the high sides and bottom ridges, it is difficult to do.

While the grill station is fairly large it is not large enough to hold a full rack of ribs, entire brisket or a pork butt. It will hold a brisket flat or a decent size tri-tip though.

The ridges on the bottom make clean-up by hand a pain. It is top rack dishwasher safe if your willing to give up your entire top rack.

The bottom line on the Grill Station:

If you are serious about your grilling you most likely have needed the grill station at times. As I stated at the beginning of this we have had ours for 5 years and while it is not something we use everyday we do use it all the time. I have a cabinet full of grilling tools that I have used a few times and now just sit. This is not one of them.

Each Grill Station by Charcoal Companion tray is 16.75 x 11 and 2.5 inches deep with 14.5 x 10 inch to store food in.

Charcoal Companion CC5094

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  1. 4 out of 5

    Mike AKA Sultan of Sizzle:

    We have been using the grill station for years and love it. It is my go to whenever I am preparing large quantities of meat. The couple of small drawbacks to this are: the non sealing lid and there the bottom is not smooth. They are easy to work around though.

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